Boeing changes its leadership due to two air crashes

Dennis Muhlenberg, CEO, The Boeing Co., the leading U.S. aircraft manufacturer, left his post amid scandal over problems with the company’s aircraft. They caused two major air crashes resulted the fact that 346 people were killed, according to

We are talking about Boeing – 737 MAX airliners. One of them crashed on March 10, 2019 in Ethiopia. Another one – in Indonesia on October 29, 2018. The investigation revealed that in both cases there was a malfunction in the flight control system, after which many countries suspended the operation of aircraft of this series, and Boeing itself recently decided to temporarily stop their production from the beginning of 2020.

Chairperson of the Board David Calhoun was appointed to be the new CEO of the company. He will begin his duties on January 13, 2020.

The Boeing’s Board of Directors said a change of leadership was a necessary step to restore confidence in the company; its mission will be to “safely return the 737 MAX to flight.”

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