Fly Gangwon Airlines launches its first international flight

The new low-cost South Korean airline named Fly Gangwon launched its first international flight, KBS reported with reference to air company representatives.

According to them, the new flight en route Yanyang – Taipei, Taiwan will be operated seven times a week since December 26, 2019.

It is known that the cost of a one-way air ticket will be 240 thousand won (~ US $ 207), and residents of Gangwon-do province will be able to get 10% discount on their air tickets.

According to air company representatives, starting from January 2020 Fly Gangwon plans to launch flights to Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Bangkok (Thailand), Clark (Philippines), Macau, Narita (Japan), as well as to China and Hong Kong.

The air company hopes that the launch of flights to Southeast Asian countries will increase the flow of tourists and revitalize the local economy.

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