Dushanbe International Airport served 1.4222 million passengers in 2019

The Dushanbe International Airport, Tajikistan served 1,422,204 passengers in 2019 (Jan – Dec period), or by 81.5 thousand more than in 2018, the airport informed.

According to this source, the total number of sent and received cargo and mail through the airport’s cargo terminal is 2,543 metric tons.

952 cases of flight delays were recorded, which is by 875 cases less than in the previous year. It should be noted that the main reasons for flight delays are as follows: untimely departures of aircraft from departure airports, airline interference and adverse weather conditions.

One should note that on December 3 – 14, 2019 the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) inspection conducted its survey at the Dushanbe International Airport, as regards ensuring flight safety and aviation security issues.

According to the audit conducted, all the deficiencies identified during the previous audit implemented in 2011, including bringing the regulatory documents of the Aviation Safety Service in line with ICAO requirements, the installation of modern scrapbooks for screening passengers and baggage in terminals, have been successfully eliminated and they currently comply with ICAO requirements.

To date, 15 airlines operate their flights from Dushanbe International Airport, including five foreign air companies from such countries, as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China and Iran, as well as eight airlines from the CIS and two national air carriers, namely Somon Air and Tajik Air. Flights are carried out to 14 cities of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, China, Iran, Iran, Turkey, India and UAE’s Dubai.

Source – http://www.toptj.com/

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