Turkmenistan Airlines to suspend flights to the UAE following the airplane crash in Iran

Turkmenistan Airlines are scheduled to temporarily suspend the flights over the territory of Iran, according to the website of Orient. In this connection, from 10 January, 2020 the air carrier has temporarily suspended its scheduled flights bound to Abu-Dhabi and from 13 January – to Dubai.

The news outlet reports that the flights were suspended with a view of ensuring the safety of the flights.

For the time being, according to journalists of the news outlet Turkmen news, the flights operated by the Turkmen air carrier are now bypassing Afghanistan and Pakistan, which has increased the duration of the flights from 2 to 3.5 hours.

It should be highlighted that many air carriers are now using the alternative routes to bypass Iran after the passenger Boeing-737 operated by Ukrainian Airlines had crashed near Tehran.  One of the possible reasons is that the airplane was shot down by an Iranian air defense missile.

Source – https://www.hronikatm.com/

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