Stewardess tells how to recognize emergency on board

Often, during a flight, passengers are not informed about difficult situations. One of the stewardessees told how to understand that something went wrong, Trend reports with reference to RIA Novosti.

She explained that it is necessary to observe the flight attendants, how they act.

Often, what seems like a terrible event to passengers does not even make them flinch.

“If you see that they are quietly doing their job, then everything is in order,” the stewardess explains. “If something is really wrong, you will notice how nervous they are.”

Another flight attendant emphasized that even with severe turbulence, they rarely look scared. Sometimes they specifically smile at passengers to reassure them.

“Honestly, travelers should not worry about turbulence,” said another expert. “The aircraft is designed to withstand it like a car with good enough suspension to ride on rough roads with potholes.”

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