Bek Air’s fate to be decided on January 20 – CEO of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan

The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan (AAK) did not agree with the arguments of the Bek Air airline’s management regarding the violation of certification rules and the issuance of a certificate for an operator of civil aircraft, Kazinform reports with reference to the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

“The airline’s appeal states that the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan suspended the operator’s certificate without giving a reason and informing about the decision that, in the opinion of Bek Air JSC, is a violation of the “Rules for certification and issuance of an operator’s certificate for civil aircraft”, the statement reads.

According to the information, the reason for the suspension of the operator’s certificate was the crash of the Fokker-100 aircraft. This is directly indicated in the radiogram RD270510 of 12/27/2019, sent to the address of Bek Air JSC. Such a decision was made in accordance with the Law “On the Use of the Airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Activities of Aviation”, which stipulates that the certificate is limited to the detection of significant violations of the requirements of the law, which pose a direct threat to flight safety.

“Also, this measure proceeds from the requirements of the above Rules, according to which the authorized organization suspends the operator’s certificate in case the operator does not comply with certification requirements and restrictions. Confirmation of violations made by the airline was a video of the airport viewed on the same day, which shows that when preparing the aircraft for a crash that subsequently crashed, certification requirements for eliminating or preventing icing were not met, and the operator did not provide control over their implementation “, the AAK added.

In addition, they add to the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan, this is a gross violation of the “Rules of operations in the civil aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, according to which it is not allowed to start a flight if there is frost, wet snow or ice on the surfaces of the wings, fuselage, governing bodies, plumage, propellers, windshield, power plant or on air pressure receivers of barometric instruments of the aircraft.

“In this regard, in order to ensure the safety of flights of other aircraft owned by Bek Air JSC, on December 27, 2019, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan decided to suspend the operation of the operator’s certificate. On the same day, on behalf of the President Kassym Zhomart Tokayev, an unscheduled audit of the Bek Air JSC activities was appointed to make sure that its personnel, training programs, facilities, procedures and aircraft are compliant and suitable for flying,” the AAK noted.

Notification of the decision to suspend the operator’s certificate is the above radiogram.

According to the AAK, it should be noted that according to the law, an inspection order to eliminate violations of the law is issued based on the results of an audit that has not yet been completed. Also, the issue of compliance of the previously issued certificate of Bek Air JSC is being studied as part of an unscheduled audit conducted by the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan in the operator’s activities.

Peter Griffiths, CEO, Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan JSC, also said that the Bek Air’s fate would be decided on January 20, 2020.

“Now I’ve talked with the commission, and by next Monday we can already expect a final verdict regarding the future of Bek Air. Continued operation of the airline’s planes, taking into account the lack of the IOSA certificate, indicates that something was wrong with this airline. So I decided to start an investigation into how the airline worked. In a short period, two incidents occurred (the first one was in 2016). And, of course, this cannot but cause concern. We are trying to investigate how this airline complied with all aviation security requirements and how it was all controlled,” P. Griffiths said in his interview with Rakhim Oshakbaev at the ‘Round Table’ broadcast.

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