MegaFon Tajikistan and offer new convenient way to get air tickets

MegaFon Tajikistan launches a joint project with From now on, favourable air tickets for flights ordered through the system can be obtained in any communication salon of the first operator of new digital capabilities.

To obtain an air ticket, you need to apply with a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan to a MegaFon consultant. The information on the passenger in will be updated in real time, in a few minutes the client will receive a printed air ticket. In addition, the consultant will remind the visitor of the communication salon about the rules in force in the selected airline and the documents necessary for boarding.

Jamshed Boboaliyev, Commercial Director, MegaFon Tajikistan, said, “Our joint project significantly expands the list of places where the user can pick up the ordered tickets. In fact, now the service is available not only in large cities, but throughout Tajikistan – our salons are represented even in small district centers. I note that the service is completely free, we do not make any extra charges on tickets, they remain the most profitable in the country.”

Dilshod Mukhomediev, CEO,, said, “MegaFon Tajikistan is not by chance chosen as our first partner for a project that simplifies the receipt of tickets by customers. The operator has an extensive network of retail stores, as well as excellent voice and mobile Internet, which has recently been recognized as the fastest in the country. This is important when you need to quickly obtain information about the air ticket customer. Therefore, I am sure that our partner will make the process of obtaining air tickets as convenient as possible.”

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