Russian publication on “open skies” advantages for Azerbaijan

Starting from January 1, 2020 Azerbaijan introduced the fifth and seventh degrees of freedom of air at all international airports of the country, thus offering equal rights to foreign air carriers with the national Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) and promising 100% discounts on services, the Russian edition named Profi.Travel writes, according to Trend.

Foreign air carriers are now free to fly from Azerbaijani airports to 40 countries in Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

According to the newspaper, the fifth freedom of air means that any foreign airline will be able to make an intermediate stop at the airports of Azerbaijan on the way from one country to another, landing and picking up passengers there. Seventh air freedom allows air carriers to fly to Azerbaijan from any state, and not from their country of registration.

According to experts, the reduction in the cost of transportation in this case can reach up to 30%. On the other hand, this is a serious challenge for national air carriers: the example Armenia shows that local airlines are not always able to compete with low-cost airlines, which, as a rule, are the first to react to the “opening” of the sky.

“The absence of the need to obtain permission from the Azerbaijani authorities allows the airlines of those countries where there is no concept of designated air carrier to fly to/through the country. Of course, this will contribute to develop tourism,” said Alexander Morozov, head of the charter department of Biletix.

The popularity of the destination will also grow thanks to the transit flow and stopovers. Experts believe that at this stage the “open sky” may be interesting, first of all, in Baku.

Nevertheless, Russia can still feel the influence of the “free sky” of Azerbaijan: firstly, coupled with the facilitation of the visa mode, this can significantly increase the interest of tourists in neighboring countries. And it is possible that the regions of the Russian Federation will have to “catch up”. Secondly, a part of foreign air carriers may consider that flights through the CIS countries are more profitable than royalties for flights over Russia. If there are many such companies, this will give an economic effect. Given that a large chunk of sky over the Middle East is actually “closed”, flights through the Caucasus and Central Asia may be of interest for many countries.

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