BEK AIR employees addressed to the President of Kazakhstan

People working with Bek Air are afraid to stay outside due to debt. For over a month now they have not received a salary, reports Channel One Eurasia.

The spouse of the flight attendant Murat Sakhov, Shahnoz, who survived the plane crash, said that they spent more than 100 thousand tenge per month on a mortgage loan. Her salary alone is not enough now to cover all expenses, and the family has lost the opportunity to pay the bank for housing.

“Most of all, I fear that I will stay with three children on the street. I also fear that this will drag out for a long time, so I wanted to appeal to the president so that everything would be faster (over), so that the shift would go, so that everyone would work faster. How much can I pull “We don’t get any help from the company, we don’t get any answer. We are sitting, just waiting,” the woman shares her feelings.

It is worth noting that the failed passengers of Bek Air are hoping to get their money for purchased tickets, as well as people who were in a crashed plane waiting for compensation for moral and physical damage. According to lawyers, many survivors of the plane crash are in serious psychological condition, some are threatened to remain disabled for life due to injuries.

Bek Air plane crash

The plane crash of the Bek Air company, which took off on the Almaty-Nur-Sultan flight, occurred on the morning of December 27, 2019.

During take-off, the aircraft tilted several times, left the territory of the runway, broke through a concrete fence, and then crashed sideways into a private house.

As a reason, consider the version of the icing of the vessel.

Onboard there were 93 passengers and five crew members.

The tragedy claimed the lives of 12 people, and a month after the tragedy, the second pilot, who survived the crash, died.

The Bek Air certificate of airworthiness cannot yet be restored; the state of the fleet is assessed as unsatisfactory, the Civil Aviation Committee said.

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