New Georgian airline named Aero Georgia to appear at civil aviation market

A new airline named Aero Georgia will appear on the Georgian civil aviation market, the founder of this air company Igor Aptsiauri stated.

According to him, the creation of the airline has been underway for three months. Mr. Aptsiauri notes that the investment will be made by a private investor and at the first stage its volume will amount to 5 million US dollars. Mr. Aptsiauri also says that the certification process is likely to begin in late March.

“In the first year we will have one side. We needed to pick up such a board, which includes all types of charter flights. At this stage, we have completed the business plan. We are very pleased that the investor from Europe is a private investor who has very extensive experience in this field. The size of the investment will be about 5 million US dollars; this is the first stage that is needed in our case. We really hope that by the end of February we will finish all the necessary documentation, approving a business plan, signing the contract,” the founder and CEO of Aero Georgia Group said.

According to Mr. Aptsiauri, the air company will operate on several different charter flights, at the first stage the work will start from one side, and as for directions, he said, the emphasis will be on both known destinations and new markets. In addition, at the first stage, the operation will be carried out from Tbilisi International Airport, but in the future it is planned to develop the Kutaisi International Airport.

“As for seasonal charters, these will be Egypt, Turkey, and the direction to the Gulf countries in the Middle East, such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, is very developing,” the founder and CEO of Aero Georgia Group said.

Former shareholder and commercial director of MyWay Airlines Igor Aptsiauri founded the Aero Georgia Group a few months ago, which will work in many areas. Aero Georgia Group will mainly combine four directions – Aero Consulting, Aero Travel, Aero GSA and Aero Pro Man.

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