Uzbekistan continues to evacuate its citizens from virus-affected China

A flight with passengers from Beijing arrived at Islam Karimov airport in Uzbekistan at 4:40 (GMT+5) local time on Feb. 6, Trend reports citing press service of Uzbekistan Airways.

There were 251 passengers on board, including crew members, as well as medical staff, the press service said with reference to Uzbek Foreign Ministry.

This was the third flight which saw Uzbek authorities bringing people back from China, where deadly coronavirus continues to spread.

Previously, on February 4 and February 5, a total of 334 people, including five citizens of Kazakhstan, were flown to Tashkent from Wuhan and Beijing by two charter flights.

According to the decision of the Uzbek authorities, all the people who came from China will be accommodated in specialized medical facilities in Tashkent and Tashkent region, where they will be kept under supervision for the entire period of quarantine – 14 days. They will be provided with all necessary medicines and free food.

During the quarantine, patients will be prohibited from meeting with family members, relatives and others.

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