Consultants to decide how Manas International Airport to be developed

A group of consultants will conduct an analysis and tell which development way the Bishkek’s Manas International Airport should take, the deputy minister of transport and roads Jenishbek Nogoibaev announced yesterday at a press conference.

According to him, the Cooperation Agreement between the Government and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is now at the last stage of approval. Once it is signed, IFC will identify a group of consultants.

“There are options to develop the Manas International Airport along with regional airports. Or the Manas Airport will develop other airports for concession money. Today we are only talking about analysis,” Mr. Nogoibaev concluded.

In turn, Kurmanbek Akyshev, Director, Civil Aviation Agency, explained why IFC was chosen as an adviser. It was this international institute that proposed the development options for the Manas International Airport that are relevant to the Government’s opinion.

“They had offers to take not only profitable airports. They agree to consider the rest. For example, they propose, together with Manas, to develop two or three more airports, along with the airport in Osh, too. But this issue is being resolved nowadays,” Mr. Akyshev concluded.

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