Transfer of Manas International Airport to external management. Shareholders’ decision

“The final decision on the transfer of Manas International Airport to external management should be made by shareholders,” Abdimalik Busurmankulov, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Manas International Airport OJSC, said at a press conference yesterday.

According to him, Manas International Airport OJSC is a private ownership company. Today, 79 percent belong to the state, eight percent – to the Social Fund and 12 percent – to minority shareholders.

At the end of 2019, the net profit of the company amounted to about KGS 2 billion (USD 1 = KGS 69.9).

“At present, both Manas and Osh airports bring income. We work stably and fulfill obligations to shareholders, including to the state. Every year we restore airports that were designed during the Soviet era. We will work whether the investor comes or not. There is a general meeting of shareholders. It will solve the issue of transfer to external management. No one has the right to ignore the existing regulatory framework. As a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, I would like to express my opinion that, before signing an agreement with an investor, there should be a legal examination and the interests of the state and people should be observed,” Mr. Busurmankulov concluded.

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