Bek Air sues owner of the house into which the plane crashed

Bek Air sued the owner of the house into which the plane crashed, according to, Kazakhstan.

– Recently, a document came in, which said that Bek Air sued me. Now I’m thinking why they are suing me, and not the Governor’s Office? The decision on the issue of land was given to me by the Governor’s Office, and they also took permission to build a house. And they want to make me guilty. The court is invited on February 21. I also filed a lawsuit against Bek Air earlier. It turns out that they sued me in response,” said the owner of the house.

In addition, the owner of the house where the Bek Air plane crashed, asks for another plot. He voiced his request live on Facebook’s lawyer Bakytzhan Bazarbek’s page.

According to the owner of the cottage Reshet Kalibek, earlier the Governor’s Office, Talgar region, Kazakhstan promised to compensate him for the damage. The man noted that the total amount of damage along with the construction of the house and furniture is about KZT 25 million (USD 1 = KZT 379.04). He estimated his house at KZT 20 million.

– The Governor’s Office proposed two options: to build a house or give out money. But now they don’t pick up the tubes, they avoid me. I want to be compensated for the damage. I do not demand other claims in the form of moral compensation. And another request is that they give the land in a legal place. I do not intend to build a house in the same place,” the owner of the house said.

He noted that he would not have earlier built a house there if he had known about the illegality of his former land. The owner of the house only wants to recover his costs.

Earlier, the Governor’s Office reported that the house was erected illegally. According to officials, the building is an unauthorized structure. The house was located within the boundaries of the village, but the land plot was a field allotment. According to the Land Code, housing construction is unacceptable here.

– As usual, I bought land and began to build a house. Of course, without permits. And the purpose of his land plot is LPH, not a private plot (where you can build a house in accordance with clause 2 of Article 102 of the Land Code), but field plots of LPH (where construction is prohibited). Of course, here, too, it was his fault that he did not check the land documents, did not specify the possibility of building a residential building and, in general, the purpose of the land before buying. So, because of their illiteracy, hundreds of people across the country are daily victims of swindlers and corrupt officials, according to the Lawyer Bakytzhan Bazarbek.

The Bek Air plane crashed near Almaty on the morning of December 27, 2019. Onboard, there were 93 passengers and five crew members. As a result of this air crash, 12 people were killed and 49 were injured.

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