EASA updates CS-25 rules

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published a Notice Proposed Amendment (NPA) that updates CS-25 (Transport Category Aircraft Certification Requirements).

This step will align the airworthiness approval requirements with the US FAR Part 25 and related advisory circulars. Comments on the 98-page NPA are due February 20.

In particular, NPA proposes amendments regarding the quality and characteristics when going to the second circle, minimum control speed, fuel tank and lightning protection system, cabin safety, electronic manuals for aircraft flight operation, on-board weight and balancing systems, air conditioning systems, flight control systems , the main flight display in unusual modes of orientation and decompression, lightning protection and electrical connections, as well as protection against static electricity and work without normal wow power supply.

“In general, these proposals will provide some security gains, will not have social or environmental consequences, and will provide some economic benefits by streamlining the certification process,” EASA said. “Proposals will be published when relevant data is available after updating industry standards, feedback on certification activities, or minor issues raised by stakeholders. In the end, this NPA will propose amendments to CS-25 after the selection of simple, undeniable and mature questions.”

Source – http://www.bizavnews.ru/

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