Airbus shows its new aircraft model

At the Singapore Airshow, the Airbus Concern showed a model of the aircraft, made according to the a “blended wing body” scheme, as this design makes aerodynamic drag less, which reduces jet fuel consumption.

“Like a falcon, with two engines located at the rear, it would look good in Star Wars,” Bloomberg writes.

The model, which was shown in Singapore, is the Maveric aircraft demonstrator, Airbus explains. The model has been tested since June 2019.

Airbus claims the Maveric will be 20% more economical than aircraft of the same size of the “classic” design.

In addition, the “blended wing body” gives the passenger more personal space, including legroom, Airbus said. Airbus has not yet decided whether there will be portholes on the plane or instead they will put video screens, Medusa writes.

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