Flight from China with citizens of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan arrives in Almaty

A flight from China arrived at Almaty International Airport. There are 211 people on board, among them 171 are citizens of Kazakhstan and 40 are citizens of Kyrgyzstan. This is the last flight that citizens of Kazakhstan are being evacuated due to an outbreak of coronavirus infection in China, Kazinform reported.

According to the Almaty City Mayor’s Office, the state of arrivals is satisfactory. On board the aircraft, passengers passed a three-stage thermometry test. Symptoms of coronavirus infection have not been detected in any person.

Upon arrival, citizens of Kazakhstan were taken to infectious diseases hospitals, where they will be isolated in specialized boxes for the period of quarantine. Kyrgyz citizens were transferred to the Kyrgyz side and taken to the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

It should be noted that sanitary and border guard officers, the crew, and medical personnel complied with all anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections both when landing an aircraft in a separate area of ​​the airport, and in the process of isolation and quarantine of patients on a separate route.

For arrivals on the territory of the infectious diseases hospital, all the necessary conditions are created. Medical organizations are provided with a sufficient amount of drugs and anti-epidemic protection.

In total, 45,188 cases of coronavirus infection are registered in the world.

In Almaty, the situation is stable, there are no cases of coronavirus infection. The situation is under the control of the authorities. The regional headquarters is implementing enhanced measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. On all international flights anti-epidemic measures are being taken to prevent and diagnose viral infections.

On the issues of coronavirus in the territory of Kazakhstan there is a round-the-clock call-center on number 1406. In addition, on issues of arrivals on this flight, a hot line was organized in Almaty by calling +7 707 677 7168, +7 771 404 5465.

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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