Plane with passengers from Israel could not fly out of Batumi due to heavy snow

Due to heavy snowfall, the Israel Air’s flight from Batumi, Georgia to Tel Aviv, Israel scheduled for February 9, was canceled. Severe weather conditions did not allow the airliner to leave the airport, and about 150 Israeli passengers were temporarily resettled in local hotels, according to

Snowfall continued continuously from noon to late at night and led to the formation of dense snow cover on the runway and on the surface of airliners. In combination with a low temperature (-5 degrees), this made it impossible for the Batumi International Airport to operate normally.

The snowplow located at the airport could not cope with clearing the runway and got stuck in the snow. A towing vehicle needed to evacuate it.

After a five-hour wait in the terminal building, the crew commander notified the passengers that weather conditions did not allow operating the flight. However, after some time, the Israelis were again sent for landing in the hope that the plane would still fly to Tel Aviv.

A blizzard in the area of ​​Batumi led to a change in the route of the flight for another Israeli air carrier as well.

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