Uzbek authorities turn to partners and competitors in civil aviation market

Vice Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov and Minister of Transport Elyor Ganiev said that Uzbekistan has unique potential to develop the civil aviation sector. This causes fair concerns among competitors and potential partners, reported.

“Our northern neighbours, our respected colleagues, move their airports, there they also announced the open sky regime at 11 airports. They saw what kind of competitor Uzbekistan is for them. They want foreign airplanes to land, serve and fly further but, frankly, it’s cold there in the winter, there are no such tourist places as ours. For example, in Samarkand and Bukhara you cannot just land, spend the night and go sightseeing,” Mr. Abdukhakimov said during press conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

According to him, Uzbekistan has huge potential in terms of transit, so the country should become a real transit hub.

“Let the planes fly in, use our airports, which will earn good money. And this is no less than funds from other industries. Uzbekistan in terms of climatic conditions and geographical location is a unique place. Even if you use Istanbul and Dubai as transit airports “They are less profitable. To use them when flying from Southeast Asia, you have to load more tons of fuel. It turns out that they are carrying passengers, not fuel,” he stressed.

Therefore, the Deputy Prime Minister added, using Uzbekistan as a transit hub, foreign airlines will be able to take more payload and passengers, making additional profit.

According to Mr. Ganiev, the market of Uzbekistan is large and there is enough room for everyone here.

“As part of the negotiations on the creation of new airlines, let’s say, our partners were a little afraid of competition and thought about creating such companies. I think we should not be afraid of competition, the conditions and market are very large. Uzbekistan is a country with 34 million people “Our market can provide segments for almost all of our potential partners,” he said.

Mr. Ganiev also said during a press conference that in the next two years five to six new airlines will be created in the country.

In addition, according to Mr. Abdukhakimov, Luxembourg Luxaviation plans to create an airline in Uzbekistan. It will be engaged in helicopter transport.

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