Uzbekistan Airways presents new uniform for pilots and cabin crew

Since February 14, 2020, Uzbekistan Airways is switching to a new uniform for pilots and cabin crew, reported.

“A dramatic change in the image of cabin crew took place for the first time in 15 years. Dark aquamarine and terracotta shades became the key colors in the clothes. A new set for girls consists of a skirt, trousers, blouses, which are presented in two colors and a jacket. The lining of the jacket is made in terracotta color with application logo,” Uzbekistan Airways said.

For the first time in the history of the airline, a short-sleeve dress was introduced into the uniform. As accessories, a headpiece, fabric and leather gloves, fabric elastic band for creating hairstyles, name and brand badges, neck scarves of two colors are provided. The ornament on blouses and neckerchiefs is made in oriental style. The winter raincoat has a detachable insulated lining.

The set for male flight attendants is presented in a three-piece suit of dark gray color with dark aquamarine trim. Uniform caps are made in dark gray with silver trim.

For pilots, the costumes remained in the same color. Branded buttons and exclusive men’s ties appeared. The fabric is selected taking into account the various climatic conditions in which our crews have to be daily.

The project was attended by domestic and foreign experts. The selection of fabrics and sewing of the first batch of the main set was carried out by the Turkish Dress Best Uniforms, which worked with such airlines, as Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, Albania Airlines and Flynas.

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