Uzbekistan announces 20% reduction in cost of servicing foreign airlines. Jet fuel prices to be controlled as well

Uzbekistan plans to reduce the cost of servicing foreign airlines by at least 20%, reports referring to Uzbek Transport Minister Elyor Ganiev.

“Already, the price of jet fuel has been significantly reduced at the country’s airports by US $ 120-140. The cost for one metric ton is about US $ 880. This creates good competitive conditions for the airports of Uzbekistan. We intend to solve this problem further. An important element for the fuel market is input of the Uzbekistan GTL Project will be commissioned before the end of the year, where it will produce about 1.7 million metric tons of various fuels, including over 300 thousand metric tons of jet fuel,” he said during a press conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

According to him, with the launch of this plant in Uzbekistan, in principle, the problem of providing jet fuel for aircraft will disappear.

“Unfortunately, the country does not produce enough jet fuel nowadays. We cannot fully supply Uzbekistan Airways and Uzbekistan Airports therefore we are forced to import certain volumes. We will control prices for jet fuel so that they are no higher than the regional average ones. Thus, we will create the necessary conditions for competition,” the Minister said.

Also, Mr. Ganiev added there were plans to reduce airport charges by at least 20%.

“There are about 40 different charges there. The reduction across all will cumulatively amount to 20%. This will give a strong impetus to grow attractiveness of our airports for foreign air carriers carrying their passengers and cargos,” he said.

Mr. Ganiev also said that at least five to six new air carriers will appear in Uzbekistan in the next two to three years.

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