Russia is not going to resume flights with Georgia yet

At the upcoming talks in March of the Georgian special representative on relations with Russia, Zurab Abashidze, they will discuss the possible development of relations between Moscow and Tbilisi, but they are not talking about restoring air links. According to RIA Novosti, this was announced to reporters by the former deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Senator Grigory Karasin.

“A meeting with Mr. Abashidze is scheduled for March 2020. We will talk about the state of bilateral relations, about how they can be developed in difficult conditions, when there is an internal political struggle with Georgia, when we do not have diplomatic relations,” the senator said.

According to him, it should be borne in mind that around the situation that has developed in relations between Russia and Georgia, there are “large international turbulences.”

Mr. Karasin says that during the negotiations, the parties intend to calmly and constructively discuss in which areas relations can be established.

Answering the question whether it is expected to restore air flights between the countries in a near future, Mr. Karasin replied: “This is a subject of reflection and negotiations.”

Earlier, the Georgian government said they were hoping for a resumption of air links with Russia, interrupted in July 2019.

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