Terms for Georgia – China direct flights restoration unknown

Georgia – China direct flights are temporarily suspended and will be restored immediately when such an opportunity arises, however, it is impossible to determine the time at this stage, according to Levan Karanadze, CEO, Civil Aviation Agency, Georgia.

According to him, transit flights are currently underway, and all passengers arriving from China, regardless of citizenship, undergo a rigorous check of their health at the airport.

The CEO of the Agency said that the possibility of resuming flights will be considered only after the relevant international organizations declare a reduction in epidemiological risks.

“As soon as the situation with regard to the fight against coronavirus improves, after the World Health Organization makes a relevant statement on risk reduction and the Ministry of Health assesses the situation and agrees to restore air traffic, we will immediately make a decision,” the CEO of the Civil Aviation Agency said.

Georgia – China direct flights have been discontinued since January 20, 2020 in order to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus in Georgia. The ban was introduced until March 29, 2020. In case the situation does not improve, it can be extended.

Source – http://bizzone.info/

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