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23/05/2017 17:35
Exit the EU’s “black list”. Is it unrealizable dream?
19/05/2017 16:56
President of ICAO: We try to help Kyrgyz airlines to get out of the “black list”
12/05/2017 18:31
Supplies grow, revenues fall

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16/05/2017 18:15
Why Tajik planes force to refuel abroad?
16/05/2017 15:38
Why Air Astana against new terminal at Almaty International Airport?
03/05/2017 15:43
Russia’s Yamal Airlines expected to resume flights to Tajikistan in summer

News 14/04/2017

14/04/2017 17:46 Analytics

IATA: Worldwide air passenger traffic approaches four billion

According to IATA, the world’s air passenger flow amounted to 3.8 billion in 2016. Inthe previous figure, it was 3.5 billion. The United States still holds leading positions, with China, Indiaand Indonesiashowing double-digit growth,  BBT writes.

14/04/2017 17:33 Azerbaijan

Boeing, Silk Way announce order for ten Boeing-737-MAX-8 aircraft

The Boeing Co. and  Silk Way Airlines, Azerbaijan, announced today the order for ten Boeing-737 MAX 8 aircraft. The order, valued at US $ 1.1 billion at current catalog prices, was listed on the website of Boeing Orders & Deliveries without the customer’s specification, the Boeing press service reported.

14/04/2017 16:58 Kyrgyzstan

Manas International Airport’s updated draft outline presented

Картинки по запросу Эмир Чукуев Манас фото

Emir Chukuev, Chairperson, Manas International Airport’s Management Board, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, presented a draft outline of the renewed Manas International Airport.

14/04/2017 16:12 Kyrgyzstan

Manas International Airport OJSC invites you to take part in promotion event

The Manas International Airport OJSC, Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan, invites you to take part in the promotional event called “Advertising and Commerce at Airports in Kyrgyzstan”, which will be held at the Manas International Airport(the Manas-2 terminal building) on April 25, 2017.

14/04/2017 15:47 World news

The Boeing Company tests its new Boeing-737 MAX 9 aircraft

The U.S. Boeing Company has successfully tested its new Boeing-737 MAX 9, the Compny’s press release said.

14/04/2017 15:24 Aviation in press

Tashkent, Dushanbe make civil aviation breakthrough


The first 29 passengers arrived from Uzbekistanto Tajikistanby a direct flight. The historic event occurred at 08:05 am local time on April 11, 2017 when the Uzbekistan Airways’ plane landed at the Dushanbe International Airportin Tajikistan.

14/04/2017 14:50 Azerbaijan

Silk Way Airlines operates its first Baku – Djibouti cargo flight

Azerbaijan’s Silk Way Airlines has carried out the first cargo flight from Baku to Djibouti, which has become the beginning of a big program on the implementation of weekly regular flights between the two countries.

14/04/2017 12:37 Tajikistan

Negotiations between Tajikistan and Russia over the aviation dispute suspended

Картинки по запросу Россия Таджикистан  фото

Tajikistan has reportedly taken a ten-day pause in negotiations with Russiaover the aviation dispute.

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