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10/08/2017 14:56
Airports of Georgia: passenger traffic increased by almost 50% in 2017
27/07/2017 19:26
Boeing reports strong second-quarter results; raises EPS and cash flow guidance
27/07/2017 19:05
Airbus reduces its net profit by 34% in the Q2 2017

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16/08/2017 18:19
Flight safety issues discussed with airlines in Kazakhstan
02/08/2017 09:05
Dushanbe – Tashkent flight: to be or not to be?
11/07/2017 22:43
Peter Foster: “We do not get any subsidies or guarantees from either the state or the shareholders”

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10/08/2017 14:56 Analytics

Airports of Georgia: passenger traffic increased by almost 50% in 2017

For January-July 2017, over 2.1 million passengers passed through Georgian airports, which is by 48.4% more than during the same period in 2016, and by 81.9% more than during the first seven months of 2015.

27/07/2017 19:26 Analytics

Boeing reports strong second-quarter results; raises EPS and cash flow guidance

Boeing reports strong second-quarter results; raises EPS and cash flow guidance:

27/07/2017 19:05 Analytics

Airbus reduces its net profit by 34% in the Q2 2017

Airbus Group, the European aerospace corporation, has reduced its net profit by 34% in the Q2 2017 due to problems with the supply of aircraft. As reported in the company’s press release, its net profit amounted to EUR 895 million in April-June 2017, as compared to EUR 1.36 billion for the same period last year, according to Interfax, Russia.

17/07/2017 14:41 Analytics

New jets threaten Airbus and Boeing duopoly

The largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft, namely Boeing and Airbus, face aircraft manufacturers from China,Russia and Canada. According to some experts, the duopoly, which lasted several decades, may end. Nevertheless, most of the new aircraft have not even entered the market yet, so this is a matter of several decades rather than the next few years.

14/07/2017 17:21 Analytics

Trends of domestic flights are changing Global Aviation Market

Картинки по запросу Flight schedule photos

Aviation demand is set to be fueled by the rising affluence of the middle classes in emerging markets. Consequently, the air traffic industry is forecast to grow most significantly in Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.


27/06/2017 17:41 Analytics

Technology boosts passenger satisfaction at bag collection and borders


2017 Passenger IT Trends Survey shows tech is making a difference at every step of the journey.

22/06/2017 16:59 Analytics

Boeing deal values double Airbus at Paris Air Show

During the three days of the air show in Le Bourget, Boeing received orders and preliminary applications for 370 aircraft worth US $ 52 billion, while Airbus – for 229 aircraft worth US $ 25 billion, RNS reports with reference to the message published by Bloomberg.

06/06/2017 18:46 Analytics

IATA raises forecasts for airlines’ profits

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents more than 200 airlines, announced an increase in earnings forecasts for the current year. It is expected that in 2017, the aggregate profit of global airlines will come to US $ 31.4 billion, whereas earlier it was projected US $ 29.8 billion.

23/05/2017 17:35 Analytics

Exit the EU’s “black list”. Is it unrealizable dream?

For many years, Kyrgyzstanhas been trying to prove to the world community that civil aviation of the country is worthy of leaving the black list. However, experts’ forecasts are disappointing. To achieve at least some changes, it is necessary to invest millions of US dollars, but poor country does not have such funds.

19/05/2017 16:56 Analytics

President of ICAO: We try to help Kyrgyz airlines to get out of the “black list”

“We are trying to help Kyrgyz airlines to get out of the “black list”, the president of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu said on the eve of the meeting with Gulmira Abdraliva, Deputy Minister of Transport and Roads, Kyrgyzstan.

12/05/2017 18:31 Analytics

Supplies grow, revenues fall

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) published the results of the industry for the first quarter of 2017. According to the Association’s Report, during the first quarter, the delivery of general aviation and helicopter aircraft, as compared to last year, has increased by 2.8% and 4% respectively, but at the same time, the cost of delivered aircraft fell by a total of $ 4.1 billion.

28/04/2017 18:20 Analytics

Airbus reports first quarter 2017 results

Картинки по запросу airbus logo

Airbus SE (stock exchange symbol: AIR) reported first quarter 2017 results and confirmed its guidance for the full year.

14/04/2017 17:46 Analytics

IATA: Worldwide air passenger traffic approaches four billion

According to IATA, the world’s air passenger flow amounted to 3.8 billion in 2016. Inthe previous figure, it was 3.5 billion. The United States still holds leading positions, with China, Indiaand Indonesiashowing double-digit growth,  BBT writes.

04/04/2017 10:52 Analytics

Will Kazakhstan refuse from Airbus A-320 Neo aircraft due to problems with its engines?

The aviation incident on March 5, 2017 when the Air Astana’s aircraft was flying en route Almaty – Uralsk and had emergency landing in Aktobe due to engine problems, riveted attention to the Airbus A320 Neo family. According to media reports, the Neo series has certain problems with engines, other airlines are facing these problems as well.

24/03/2017 17:54 Analytics

Honeywell cuts estimate on global helicopter sales

Slow global economic growth and continued volatility in the energy markets have led Honeywell International Inc. (NYSE: HON) to lower its estimate of global demand for civilian-use helicopters by about 400, to a new range of  3,900 to 4,400, for the five-year period 2017 to 2021. The 2016 estimate called for 4,300 to 4,800 global deliveries over five years.

20/03/2017 17:39 Analytics

Observations and forecasts of the market for 2017

Brian Foley of Brian Foley Associates shares valuable thoughts and predictions about what to expect from business aviation in the coming years.

16/03/2017 16:25 Analytics

Prospects for civil aviation market development in Georgia

As of the end of March 2017, citizens of Georgia will be able to travel without visas to the European countries. Against this background, the question becomes extremely urgent of how cheap and affordable air tickets will be.

14/03/2017 15:01 Analytics

IATA: the number of fatalities in air crashes doubled in 2016, as general number of aviation accidents decreased

There were 10 fatal accidents with 268 fatalities. This compares with an average of 13.4 fatal accidents and 371 fatalities per year in the previous five-year period (2011-2015). In 2015 only, there were 136 fatalities, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said. This is written by Interfax.

14/03/2017 12:17 Analytics

Georgian aviation market to follow European regulations

The Georgian aviation market remains attractive for foreign airlines. According to the latest reports, the frequency of direct flights from Georgia to European destinations is growing.

22/02/2017 15:33 Analytics

Experts voice cause of Boeing 747 crash in Kyrgyzstan

AirDisaster resource, specializing in the coverage of aviation accidents in the countries of the former Soviet Union, has published data on Turkish cargo aircraft Boeing 747, and has voiced the possible cause of its crash near the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

14/02/2017 18:29 Analytics

Why Almaty International Airport does not build new terminal?

In 2015, 12.1 million passengers were carried by air in Kazakhstan. Of these, five million, or 42% - through the airport in Almaty. The airport in Tashkent, by comparison, served only 2.9 million people over the year. The list of the busiest airports in the former USSR also includes three airports in Moscow, St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo, Kiev’s Borispol and one in Riga.

01/02/2017 17:26 Analytics

How to save on flights: everything about low-cost carriers

Cheap flights provided by low-cost air carriers are increasingly in demand. OneTwoTrip service representatives informed, Kazakhstan, to understand what one should look out for when buying an air ticket of a low-cost airline.

17/01/2017 17:25 Analytics

Boeing-747-400 air crash: chronology per minute

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport and Roads has restored the events of January 16thwhen the Turkish Boeing-747-400 crashed, as it was flying en route Hong Kong – Bishkek – Istanbul.

26/12/2016 14:30 Analytics

Experts find some shortcomings in airport security system, Tu-154 departed from

Картинки по запросу TU 154 photos

An explosive device could trigger on board the crashed Tu-154 belonged to the Russia’s Ministry of Defense, interviewed experts told RBC. They are considering the terror attack version due to problems with security at aerodromes of departure.

09/12/2016 14:22 Analytics

IATA publishes its forecast of revenue in aviation industry for 2017

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that it expects the global airline industry to make a net profit in 2017 of $29.8 billion. On forecast total revenues of $736 billion, that represents a 4.1% net profit margin. This will be the third consecutive year (and the third year in the industry’s history) in which airlines will make a return on invested capital (7.9%) which is above the weighted average cost of capital (6.9%).

24/11/2016 14:23 Analytics

IATA: the world’s busiest air routes lie in Asia


The most busiest international air routes are in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR), The Straits Times newspaper writes on Wednesday, based on data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

08/11/2016 11:08 Analytics

Revenues of Kazakhstan airlines grow rapidly

Kazakh airlines’ revenues have grown from KZT 165 to KZT 250 billion for five years since 2011, the Ministry the Investment and Development of Kazakhstan reported such data to Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

26/10/2016 15:59 Analytics

Airbus Group’s net profit decreased by 5% for Jan – Sept 2016

Airbus Group’s net profit decreased by 5% for the first nine months of 2016, as compared to the same period last year and amounted to EUR 1.811 billion, according to the company’s financial statements, according to Prime.

07/10/2016 14:54 Analytics

IATA: global air freight market increase amounted to 3.9% in August 2016

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for global air freight markets in August 2016 showing that demand, measured in freight ton kilometers (FTKs), rose 3.9% year-on-year. 


22/09/2016 15:28 Analytics

Acquisition of Manas Management Company CJSC is a strategic transaction in the project aimed to build international transit hub in the Kyrgyz Republic

Эмир Чукуев: Приобретение ЗАО «Компания «Манас менеджмент» - это стратегическая сделка в рамках проекта строительства в КР международного транзитного хаба

The fact that the Manas International Airport (MIA) OJSC has acquired 80 percent of the shares of Manas Management Company (MMC) CJSC has become the most discussed topic of the week. In this regard, Emir Chukuev, Chairperson of the Board, MIA OJSC, has told details of this deal.

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