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14/04/2017 17:46
IATA: Worldwide air passenger traffic approaches four billion
04/04/2017 10:52
Will Kazakhstan refuse from Airbus A-320 Neo aircraft due to problems with its engines?
24/03/2017 17:54
Honeywell cuts estimate on global helicopter sales

Aviation in press

14/04/2017 15:24
Tashkent, Dushanbe make civil aviation breakthrough
04/04/2017 17:02
Dushanbe – Tashkent flight: both countries hurried
04/04/2017 15:45
Tajik transport ministry accuses Russian aviation authorities of violating air communication agreement

News: Georgia

26/04/2017 15:46 Georgia

Air Georgia: TAV is not interested in turning Georgia into aviation hub

TAV, the Turkish company which operates the Tbilisi International Airport, is not interested in turning Georgia into an international aviation hub, George Kodua, CEO of Air Georgia, told Kommersant.

25/04/2017 17:14 Georgia

Strong wind prevents Tbilisi – Istanbul flight operation

Due to a strong wind, Turkish Airlines’ flight en route TbilisiIstanbul was not carried out last night.

24/04/2017 18:08 Georgia

Georgian Airways to launch Kazan – Tbilisi flight in June


Georgian Airways is going to launch its direct flight en route Kazan – Tbilisi on June 2, 2017, Sergey Ivanov, Chairperson, State Tourism Committee of Tatarstan, reported TASS on Monday.

24/04/2017 17:52 Georgia

S7 Airlines to launch Novosibirsk – Tbilisi new flight

On April 29, 2017 Siberia Airlines (S7 Airlines) will launch a new direct air route to Georgia by means of its flight en route Novosibirsk, RussiaTbilisi, Georgia. Flights from the Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo International Airport to Tbilisi’s Shota Rustaveli International Airport (roundtrips) will be operated once a week by Airbus A-320 in accordance with the following flight schedule:

24/04/2017 14:30 Georgia

Air ticket sale for flight from Kazan to Georgia begins

In the summer, residents of Kazan will fly to Georgiaby a direct flight. On June 2, 2017 regular air service from the capital of Tatarstan to Tbilisiwill begin.

21/04/2017 16:54 Georgia

Georgian Airways: Tbilisi – London new flight

On May 15, 2017 Georgian Airways will launch a new flight en route Tbilisi,GeorgiaLondon, the U.K. Flights from Shota Rustaveli International Airport to Gatwick Airport(roundtrips) will be operated twice a week by Boeing-737 planes according to the following flight schedule:

21/04/2017 15:07 Georgia

S7 Airlines to resume its Moscow – Kutaisi flights since June 7, 2017

S7 Airlines, Russia, will resume its flights en route Moscow, RussiaKutaisi, Georgia, since June 7, 2017, the Air Company said.

19/04/2017 13:59 Georgia

Regular flights from Heraklion and Thessaloniki to Tbilisi scheduled

Ellinair logo.svg

In the summer 2017, Ellinair, Greece, has plans to operate its regular flights en route Heraklion – Tbilisi – Heraklion, as well as to resume regular flights en route ThessalonikiTbilisiThessaloniki, according to the Ministry of Economy of Georgia.

18/04/2017 16:38 Georgia

Georgian Airways plane slides off runway at Moscow’s Vnukovo

The incident that occurred with the plane belonged to Georgian Airways at Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport on April 16, 2017, did not present any danger to the passengers, the administration of the Georgian airline said.

18/04/2017 16:12 Georgia

Georgian Airways to fly from Tbilisi to Prague

On May 22, 2017 Georgian Airways will start operating its direct regular flights en route Tbilisi, GeorgiaPrague, the Czech Republic. Flights from Shota Rustaveli Airport to Wenceslas Havel Airport (roundtrips) will be operated twice a week by Boeing-737 planes on the following flight schedule:

17/04/2017 14:32 Georgia

Georgian experts got acquainted with experience on organizing flow management position (FMP) in Ukraine

On March 10 - 11, 2017 UkSATSE took representatives of Sakaeronavigatsia, the Georgian air navigation service provider,  the Press Service of UkSATSE reported.

13/04/2017 14:43 Georgia

India, Georgia agree on direct flights

Direct air service will be established between Georgia and India, the corresponding agreement was signed the day before by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia George Gakhariya who is on a visit to Indiaand the Minister of Civil Aviation of India Ashok Gadzhapati, according to the Georgian Ministry of Economy.

11/04/2017 16:24 Georgia

Air passenger traffic of Georgian airports increases by 43.6%

During Jan-Mar 2017, the air passenger traffic of Georgian airports has increased by 43.6%, the number of cargoes sent by air increased by 86.9%.

10/04/2017 15:15 Georgia

Georgian, Russian airlines to launch new flights between the two countries

Georgian Airways and  NordStar, Russia, have received permits to carry out reusable charter flights between the cities of the two countries during the spring-summer air navigation, the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia told Interfax.

07/04/2017 18:25 Georgia

Nordavia to fly to Georgia from Saint-Petersburg’s Pulkovo


In the coming summer season, Nordavia – Regional Airlines, Russia, provides new opportunities for its passengers travelling from St. Petersburg, Russia. Now, it is possible to fly with Nordavia’s  flights at favourable rates from Saint-Petersburg to the sunny and hospitable Georgian cities: Batumiand Tbilisi.

07/04/2017 16:41 Georgia

Air taxi to connect Tbilisi with all airports in Georgia

Картинки по запросу авиатакси фото

Adjara Group Hospitality, the Georgian hotel network, which owns several hotels in Tbilisiand Stepantsminde, has launched the country’s first air taxi. This is written by

07/04/2017 16:30 Georgia

Chinese investors conduct their research for project aimed to rehabilitate airfield in Guria

In Guria, Georgia, Chinese investors conduct their researches for a project costing half a billion US dollars to rehabilitate a local airfield, Guria Governor Gia Salukvadze said to Sakmis Kursi, Georgia.

07/04/2017 15:59 Georgia

Georgian Airways to launch flights to Makhachkala

Georgian Airways will start operating its regular flights en route Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia, to Tbilisi, Georgia, next week, the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency reported.

06/04/2017 15:08 Georgia

Flight with Ural Airlines from St. Petersburg to Batumi for just RUR 7,000 one way


The minimum air ticket price for Saint-Petersburg,RussiaBatumi, Georgia, flight will be RUR 7,000+ one way, including all fees (the tariff is indicated with luggage up to 23 kilos).

05/04/2017 17:40 Georgia

Adjara Group launches air taxi in Georgia

Картинки по запросу Adjara group hospitality photos

Adjara Group Hospitality has launched private air taxi in Georgia called “Aviator” for domestic and international air carriage.

04/04/2017 11:47 Georgia

Direct flights from Kazan to Georgia to be launched – Georgian Airways to be the air carrier

In the near future, direct flights from Kazan,Russia, to Georgia will be launched, Azamat Sabirov, Director General,  AVT Tour Company, wrote on his “Twitter” page yesterday.

03/04/2017 17:43 Georgia

Ural Airlines: St. Petersburg – Kutaisi new flight – schedule

On May 3, 2017 Ural Airlines, Russia, will launch its new international flight to Georgiaby its regular flight en route St. Petersburg, RussiaKutaisi, Georgia. Flights from the Pulkovo Airportto Kopitnari Airport will be operated by Airbus A-320 on the following flight schedule:

03/04/2017 15:46 Georgia

From St. Petersburg to Georgia with Ural Airlines


In the summer season of 2017, Ural Airlines offers its passengers to visit three Georgian cities, namely Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. Traditional flights from St. Petersburg to Tbilisi and Batumi are operated twice a week, and a new flight to Kutaisiwill fly once a week on Wednesdays since May 3, 2017.

31/03/2017 14:44 Georgia

Red Wings Airlines to launch Moscow – Batumi flight in June

Red Wings Airlines logo.svg

Red Wings Airlines, Russia, is pleased to inform its passengers on soon launching a regular flight en route Moscow, RussiaBatumi, Georgia.

30/03/2017 12:10 Georgia

UIA to launch one more flight to Georgia this summer

Starting from the end of June 2017, the Ukrainian airline will fly from Zaporozhe, Ukraine, to Batumi, Georgia.

29/03/2017 15:32 Georgia

About 800 people have already flown from Georgia to Europe

About 800 people have already flown to European countries from Georgia on the first day of the visa-free mode’s entry into force, the Georgian Airports Association informed Sputnik Georgia.

28/03/2017 17:51 Georgia

The first visa-free flight from Kutaisi operated to Budapest

Within the visa-free mode with the EU, the first flight was operated from the Georgia’s Kutaisi International Airport named after David Agmashenebeli to Budapest, Hungary, at 05:45 am. The second flight was operated to Greece’sThessaloniki at 06:00 am local time.

28/03/2017 14:00 Georgia

All the tickets for the first visa-free flight to Europe bought in Georgia

There are no any air tickets left for the first flight to Europe at the air ticket sales offices of Georgian airports. The first flight is scheduled for March 28, 2017, as this is the first day of the introduction of the visa-free mode with the EU. All air tickets for the flight departing from Kutaisi to Budapest on March 28thhave already been sold. The flight will take place at 05:45 am local time, and by 07:00 am the passengers of this first “visa-free flight” will land in the capital of Hungary.

27/03/2017 15:08 Georgia

Georgian airports prepare to increase air passenger traffic after the abolition of visas

The international airports in Georgia’sTbilisi and Kutaisihave started their preparations for the entry into force of visa-free communication with Europe, according to Ketevan Aleksidze, head of the Georgian Airports Association, he said on the air of Imedi TV. The Tbilisi International Airporthas already been decorated with the flags of Georgia and the European Union. Now, infrastructure reconstruction works are under way there to cope with the increased flow of air passengers, the Novosti-Georgia News Agency reported.

24/03/2017 15:01 Georgia

Second frequency for Yekaterinburg – Tbilisi flights from Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines, Russia, opens an additional frequency in its popular air service en route Yekaterinburg, RussiaTbilisi, Georgia. Since May 5, 2017, you can go on a trip to Georgiafrom the capital of the Urals twice a week. The flight will be carried out regularly on Mondays and Fridays. Also, as regards this air route, the minimum air ticket price comes to RUR 8,636+ one way  and RUR 18,935+ round trip (all fees are included).


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