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10/08/2017 14:56
Airports of Georgia: passenger traffic increased by almost 50% in 2017
27/07/2017 19:26
Boeing reports strong second-quarter results; raises EPS and cash flow guidance
27/07/2017 19:05
Airbus reduces its net profit by 34% in the Q2 2017

Aviation in press

16/08/2017 18:19
Flight safety issues discussed with airlines in Kazakhstan
02/08/2017 09:05
Dushanbe – Tashkent flight: to be or not to be?
11/07/2017 22:43
Peter Foster: “We do not get any subsidies or guarantees from either the state or the shareholders”

News: Georgia

11/08/2017 18:07 Georgia

One more Airzena’s competitor prepares for flights from Zhukovsky

The Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia received an application from Pegas Fly (Ikar), a Russian air carrier, for its flights from the Moscow-based Zhukovsky International Airportto Tbilisi, Georgia, Verkho Bakhtadze, Director Assistant, Civil Aviation Agency, told Interfax.

11/08/2017 12:47 Georgia

Kutaisi International Airport to acquire new terminal

Since the end of 2017, a new arrival terminal building will start operating at the Kutaisi International Airportin Georgia. As a result, the number of passengers served will almost double.

10/08/2017 17:48 Georgia

Minister of Economy of Georgia explains the reasons for problems at airport in Tbilisi

Problems in the operation of the check-in system of the Tbilisi International Airportnamed after Shota Rustaveli arose due to failures in the SITA system, said George Gakharia, Georgian Economy and Sustainable Development Minister, according to Sputnik-Georgia.

10/08/2017 15:23 Georgia

Computer failure disrupted activities of Tbilisi International Airport


The work of the Tbilisi International Airportin Georgiahas been partially paralyzed from the night due to a failure in the computer software. In this regard, eight of the 22 flights departed with a delay of three to four hours.

10/08/2017 12:50 Georgia

Lufthansa named as the most punctual airline flying to Tbilisi

TAV Georgia, which manages the Georgia’s Tbilisi International Airport, named the five most punctual airlines flying to the Georgian capital this summer.

09/08/2017 15:52 Georgia

VIP Aviation Handling, VistaJet celebrate jubilee

VIP Aviation Handling, a Georgian Aviation Handling Service Provider, served its 150th flight of the VistaJet business operator. The jubilee flight was operated to the Georgia’s Batumi International Airport of Batumi (UGSB / BUS).

09/08/2017 10:20 Georgia

Kiev’s Boryspil International Airport names Georgian Airways as one of the most punctual airlines

Ukrainian Boryspil airport published its rating of the worst and best airlines in terms of compliance with the schedule of flights.

08/08/2017 15:46 Georgia

Ural Airlines, Zhukovsky solemnly launch the first Zhukovsky – Tbilisi flight

The Russia’sZhukovsky International Airport and Ural Airlines report on the expansion of cooperation and the launch of regular flights en route Zhukovsky – Tbilisi, Georgia – Zhukovsky. The solemn ceremony devoted to launching the new air route took place on August 7, 2017.

07/08/2017 15:09 Georgia

Ural Airlines begins flying from Moscow Region’s Zhukovsky to Tbilisi

On Saturday, August 5, 2017, Ural Airlines, Russia, launched its new flight from Moscow Region’s Zhukovsky Airport to Tbilisi,Georgia, Anzor Kavtiashvili, a spokesperson of this Russian airline in Georgia, told Interfax News Agency, Russia.

07/08/2017 11:06 Georgia

Passenger traffic in Tbilisi and Batumi international airports reaches record high

In July 2017, passenger traffic in Georgia’s Tbilisiand Batumi international airports reached a record level in comparison with July last year, the TAV Georgia management company writes on its page in Facebook.

02/08/2017 13:05 Georgia

Kutaisi International Airport announces significant increase in air passenger traffic

The Kutaisi International Airportin Georgiahas announced a significant increase in air passenger flow.

01/08/2017 18:51 Georgia

Load of airspace in Georgia increases by 13.6% for H1 2017

According to the Air Navigation LTD of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, based on six months statistics of 2017, the number of flights in Georgian airspace has increased by 13.6% compared to last year.

01/08/2017 14:51 Georgia

Plane has emergency landing at Rostov airport, as it flies on Tbilisi – Moscow air route

An airline belonged to S7 Airlines, Russia, was flying en route Tbilisi, GeorgiaMoscow,Russia, and made an emergency landing at the airport in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, in the evening of July 31, 2017.

27/07/2017 18:38 Georgia

Tbilisi City Court did not return aircraft factory to its former owners

The Tbilisi City Court did not satisfy the claim of formerly Tbilisi Aircraft Factory JSC shareholders demanding from the Economic Development Ministry of Georgia and the National Agency of State Property to return the company to them, as it was withdrawn by then the President of Georgia  Mikhail Saakashvili in 2010, according to Interfax.

24/07/2017 14:27 Georgia

Kutaisi International Airport to be able to serve more passengers

Картинки по запросу Kutaisi airport photos

After the expansion of the terminal building, the Kutaisi International Airportnamed after David The Builder will be able to simultaneously serve more flights, Georgian Prime Minister George Kvirikashvili said at a Government meeting.

20/07/2017 16:13 Georgia

Ural Airlines’ new flight from Zhukovsky to Tbilisi

On August 5, 2017, Ural Airlines, Russia, will launch a new flight from Zhukovsky, Moscow Region of Russia, to Tbilisi, Georgia.

18/07/2017 15:24 Georgia

Airzena – Georgian Airways is unhappy with lifting restrictions on flights for Russia

Airzena – Georgian Airways has confirmed that the restrictions on flights to Moscow, Russia, have really been lifted, but the Air Company is unhappy that this was due to the permission issued by Georgian aviation authorities for  Ural Airlines, Russia, to operate its flights from the Zhukovsky Airport to Tbilisi, Givi Davitashvili,  Director General, Airzena – Georgian Airways, told RIA Novosti News Agency, Russia.

17/07/2017 15:07 Georgia

Georgia does not recognize Zhukovsky as a regional airport


The regional status, issued by the Russian aviation authorities to Zhukovsky airport, located 40 km from Moscow, provoked another scandal. Georgian air authorities did not agree that Ural Airlines, Russia, would operate its flights from Zhukovsky to Tbilisi, considering that the airport belongs to Moscowand these flights violate the intergovernmental agreement. In response, the Russian side introduced mirror measures, limiting the flights for Airzena – Georgian Airways to Moscow’s Vnukovo.

17/07/2017 10:23 Georgia

Russia limits Airzena-Georgian Airways’ flights

The Russia’s Ministry of Transport has limited the flights of Airzena - Georgian Airways, since Tbilisi, Georgia, did not agree on the flights of Ural Airlines, Russia, to be operated from the Zhukovsky International Airportnear Moscow, the Ministry reported to RIA Novosti, Russia.

13/07/2017 17:44 Georgia

Arabian low-cost Flynas Airlines plans to enter Georgian civil aviation market

One more low-cost airline, Flynas (formerly Nas Air), may also enter the Georgian civil aviation market. This is Saudi Arabia’s the first and the only low-cost air carrier may soon be in Georgia.

13/07/2017 14:59 Georgia

Tbilisi International Airport’s new terminal accepts its first passengers

The new terminal of the Tbilisi International Airportaccepted the first passengers. According to TAV-URBAN Georgia, at the moment, the terminal is checked for operational readiness and integration.

13/07/2017 14:33 Georgia

Air passenger traffic of Kutaisi International Airport almost doubled in June

The air passenger traffic of Kutaisi International Airport named after David The Builder almost doubled in June 2017.

11/07/2017 17:58 Georgia

Kutaisi International Airport can become a logistics center for major transportations

Prospects of Kutaisi: The Kutaisi International Airportwill probably become a logistics center for large-scope transportations.

07/07/2017 15:31 Georgia

Service Air starts operating Tbilisi – Batumi domestic regular flights

As of Friday, July 07, 2017 Service Air will start operating its regular domestic flights en routeTbilisiBatumi.

06/07/2017 17:17 Georgia

Georgian Airways’ Tbilisi – Saint-Petersburg flight delayed because of bomb report

Georgian Airways’ Tbilisi– Saint-Petersburg flight was delayed on Tuesday night because of a bomb report onboard the aircraft , according to MIR-24.

05/07/2017 15:27 Georgia

Qatar Airways selects crew members in Georgia

Qatar Airways announces a tender for the selection of crew members. Applicants from Georgiacan fill in the relevant documents to participate in the contest until July 8, 2017.

29/06/2017 14:01 Georgia

Russia, Georgia want to simplify visa requirements for aircraft crews

Moscowand Tbilisi are preparing visa simplifications for crews of aircraft that fly en route Russia – Georgia,  Grigory Karasin, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, said in his interview with the Russian Izvestia newspaper.

28/06/2017 13:55 Georgia

Georgia to require to register drones


In Georgia, all unmanned aerial vehicles weighing more than 5 kg will need to be registered as of November 1, 2017, this is reported in the order issued by the Director of the Georgia’s Civil Aviation Agency.

28/06/2017 12:31 Georgia

Ural Airlines’ plane lands in Georgia’s Batumi after emergency stop in Russia’s Mineral Waters

The A-320 plane belonged to Ural Airlines, Russia, which was operating its Moscow, RussiaBatumi, Georgia, flight on Tuesday landed at the airport of the Georgian resort city on the Black Seawith a delay of almost 12 hours.

27/06/2017 14:32 Georgia

Ahvaz – Tbilisi direct flight to be launched

A direct flight from Ahvaz located in the south-western part of Iran, and the Georgian capital of Tbilisihas been launched, Fars News reported citing a provincial official.

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