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14/04/2017 17:46
IATA: Worldwide air passenger traffic approaches four billion
04/04/2017 10:52
Will Kazakhstan refuse from Airbus A-320 Neo aircraft due to problems with its engines?
24/03/2017 17:54
Honeywell cuts estimate on global helicopter sales

Aviation in press

14/04/2017 15:24
Tashkent, Dushanbe make civil aviation breakthrough
04/04/2017 17:02
Dushanbe – Tashkent flight: both countries hurried
04/04/2017 15:45
Tajik transport ministry accuses Russian aviation authorities of violating air communication agreement

News: Kyrgyzstan

26/04/2017 17:30 Kyrgyzstan

Fact of illegal land issuance near the airport in Karakol revealed

One has revealed the fact of illegal delivery of land plot near the airport in Kyrgyzstan’s Karakol, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic.

26/04/2017 17:08 Kyrgyzstan

Advertising and commercial opportunities presented for Manas, Osh and Issyk-Kul international airports

On April 25, 2017 the Manas International Airport OJSC held a promotional event called “Advertisement and Commerce at Airports of Kyrgyzstan”.

26/04/2017 14:10 Kyrgyzstan

Iran, Kyrgyzstan consider possibility of air communication between the two countries

Картинки по запросу флаги Кыргызстан Иран фото

The Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker Chynybai Tursunbekov said that during his visit to Iran, issues of simplifying the visa mode and increasing air traffic between the two countries were discussed, he told in an interview with IRNA on Wednesday.

24/04/2017 17:11 Kyrgyzstan

Tamchy/Issyk-Kul International Airport to have even more flights by the beginning of tourist season

The air route network of the airport located in the villageof Tamchy, Issyk-Kul Region, Kyrgyzstan,  will increase significantly with the onset of the tourist season peak. This was reported by the Ministry of Transport and Roads of Kyrgyzstan. So, according to this Ministry, Kazakh airlines annually operate their charter flights en route Almaty – Tamchy.

20/04/2017 17:40 Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan in talks on launch of Tashkent — Issyk-Kul flights

The Government of Kyrgyzstan holds talks with the national airline of Uzbekistan in opening of Tashkent– Tamchy – Tashkentflight, report media. 

20/04/2017 14:59 Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan registers compensations for victims of cargo Boeing’s air crash in January 2017

Relatives of those killed and injured, as a result of the cargo Boeing-747’s air crash in Kyrgyzstan on January 16, 2017 register necessary papers to receive compensation and material assistance from the ACT Airlines, Turkey, which owned the aircraft, according to the Information Department of the Kyrgyz Government.

14/04/2017 16:58 Kyrgyzstan

Manas International Airport’s updated draft outline presented

Картинки по запросу Эмир Чукуев Манас фото

Emir Chukuev, Chairperson, Manas International Airport’s Management Board, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, presented a draft outline of the renewed Manas International Airport.

14/04/2017 16:12 Kyrgyzstan

Manas International Airport OJSC invites you to take part in promotion event

The Manas International Airport OJSC, Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan, invites you to take part in the promotional event called “Advertising and Commerce at Airports in Kyrgyzstan”, which will be held at the Manas International Airport(the Manas-2 terminal building) on April 25, 2017.

12/04/2017 16:24 Kyrgyzstan

Information board for migrants installed in Manas International Airport

USAID launched information terminals at Manas International Airport of Kyrgyzstan to prevent human trafficking and to protect the rights of migrants leaving Kyrgyzstan. The press service of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republicreported.

12/04/2017 16:15 Kyrgyzstan

Boeing 747 crash. Government agrees on payment of compensation

The government of Kyrgyzstanresolves technical issues to pay compensation to victims of the crash of Turkish aircraft on January 16 near Manas Airport.

06/04/2017 18:11 Kyrgyzstan

State bodies instructed to improve security and quality of services provided to tourists at airports

Картинки по запросу Премьер-министр Кыргызской Республики Сооронбай Жээнбеков фото

Today, April 6, 2017 the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Jeenbekov held a meeting during his working trip to Osh region with the heads of relevant state bodies to discuss the issues of improving the security and quality of the services provided at the Osh International Airport.

06/04/2017 17:55 Kyrgyzstan

Area of Osh International Airport’s terminal building increased by 2,160 m²

Картинки по запросу Сдан в эксплуатацию новый аэровокзальный комплекс международного аэропорта «Ош» фото

An official opening of the extended airport building of the Kyrgyzstan’sOsh International Airportwas held today, April 6, 2017. Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Jeenbekov took part in the event.

06/04/2017 17:35 Kyrgyzstan

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan believes country lacks domestic flights

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Zheenbekov suggested considering the possibility of increasing the number of domestic flights to the cities of Batken and Dzhalal-Abad, as their number is not enough. The Information Support Department of the government of the Kyrgyz Republicreported.

04/04/2017 18:14 Kyrgyzstan

TEZ JET Airlines’ aircraft fails to take off from Bishkek to Osh

Картинки по запросу самолёт TEZ JET фото

TEZ JET Airlines’ plane failed to take off from Bishkek to Osh (domestic flight in Kyrgyzstan) on schedule because of a technical problem. The State Agency of Civil Aviation informed news agency.

03/04/2017 15:27 Kyrgyzstan

AZIMUT completed equipping Issyk-Kul airport with beacons in 2016


The Russian developer of electronic systems for civil aircraft JSC Azimut (Azimut JSC) successfully completed works on equipping Issyk-Kul International Airport in the Kyrgyz Republic with a Doppler distance measuring equipment DVOR2000/DME/N2700.

31/03/2017 16:18 Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz police checking which Turkish company misled public saying that Boeing-747 was landing in Bishkek for unloading cargo

The relevant law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstanare checking, who misled the public reporting that the Boeing 747 crashed near Bishkek was landing to unload the cargo for Kyrgyzstan, said Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Gulmira Abdraliyeva on March 31 during the Ata-Meken party session.

31/03/2017 15:23 Kyrgyzstan

Turkish airline begins compensating for damage from crashed cargo Boeing in Kyrgyzstan

ACT Airlines, Turkey, has begun to recover material damage from the crash of its owned Boeing-747, which crashed when landing at Bishkek’sManas International Airport, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammetkaliy Abulgaziev said on Thursday.

29/03/2017 17:31 Kyrgyzstan

Manas International Airport notes its employees for their professionalism in liquidating consequences of Boeing-747 cargo plane’s air crash


The Management Board of Manas International Airport (MIA) Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) decided to honour its employees for their dedication and resolute actions that contributed to the implementation of the necessary measures to eliminate the consequences of the air crash that occurred on January 16, 2017 when the cargo plane Boeing-747 crashed near the airport.

27/03/2017 17:38 Kyrgyzstan

Experts suggest to launch Bishkek –Yerevan direct flight

Experts suggest opening of the Bishkek, KyrgyzstanYerevan, Armenia, direct flights, said co-chairperson of the Pikir club Igor Shestakov told a teleconference on the Kyrgyz-Armenian economic partnership, Tazabek reported March 27, 2017.

27/03/2017 16:27 Kyrgyzstan

Omsk – Bishkek regular flights to be resumed since May 2017

Картинки по запросу Tez Jet photos

Omsk,RussiaBishkek, Kyrgyzstan, regular flights will be resumed. The first international flight is scheduled for May,  according to Russian media.

27/03/2017 16:23 Kyrgyzstan

Boeing-747 crash. Preliminary report of IAC ready

The website of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) published a preliminary report on the investigation of the causes of Boeing-747 crash near the international airport Manas on January 16, 2017.

24/03/2017 16:26 Kyrgyzstan

Service to deliver patients from remote areas by plane appears in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

From now on, there is a possibility for residents of Kyrgyzstanand Kazakhstan to urgently deliver the sick/injured people from remote hard-to-reach areas by plane to appropriate hospitals in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, according to the Liberty-Med Ambulance Station.

23/03/2017 16:21 Kyrgyzstan

Manas International Airport OJSC Karakol branch establishment renamed into Issyk-Kul branch


The Karakol branch of Manas International Airport OJSC located in the Issyk-Kul Region,Kyrgyzstan, has passed its state re-registration in the Justice Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republicin connection with the change of its name and legal address: Issyk-Kul International Airport,  Tamchy Village, Issyk-Kul Region.

16/03/2017 17:54 Kyrgyzstan

Avia Traffic Company moves to spring/summer flight schedule and launches Bishkek – Voronezh – Bishkek new flight

Avia Traffic Company, registered in Kyrgyzstan, announces on launching a new international flight en route Bishkek,KyrgyzstanVoronezh, Russia– Bishkek.

14/03/2017 17:21 Kyrgyzstan

Yamal Airlines cancels its flights from Zhukovsky until getting permits to fly to Tajikistan

Yamal Airlines, Russia, has canceled its flights to Kyrgyzstanfrom the Zhukovsky International Airportnear Moscow until getting permission for flights to Tajikistan, Andrei Dubrov, Commercial Director, Yamal Airlines, informed TASS.

14/03/2017 14:40 Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz airports have no runway video recording system

The runway of the Manas International Airport,Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where a Turkish cargo Boeing-747 plane crashed during landing, was not equipped with a video fixing system, just like other airfields in the country, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday with reference to the Press Service of the Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s Office.

14/03/2017 11:10 Kyrgyzstan

Infringements revealed in Osh International Airport’s Customs Procedures Center

The Kyrgyz Transport Prosecutor’s Office verified compliance with the requirements of customs legislation at the Osh International Airport’sCustoms Procedures Center, according to the Information Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic.

09/03/2017 17:08 Kyrgyzstan

Criminal proceedings to be obliged initiating after cargo Boeing-747 air crash near Manas International Airport

Since the cargo Boeing-747 air crash near the Bishkek’s Manas International Airport, one was obliged to initiate criminal proceedings on the fact of this incident and put the issue at the international level, a public figure Toktayym Umetalieva announced at a press conference in AKIpress News Agency, Kyrgyzstan, March 9, 2017.

03/03/2017 16:07 Kyrgyzstan

Avia Traffic Company resumes some flights

Avia Traffic Company, registered in Kyrgyzstan, informs that, since April 2017, it will resume its weekly flight operations on the following air routes:

02/03/2017 16:48 Kyrgyzstan

Natalya Nikitenko included in parliamentary commission on Boeing 747 cargo

Natalya Nikitenko was included in the parliamentary commission studying the documents on Boeing 747 crash instead of Omurbek Tekebayev. Member of Ata Meken faction Kanybek Imanaliev told news agency.



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