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28/04/2017 18:20
Airbus reports first quarter 2017 results
14/04/2017 17:46
IATA: Worldwide air passenger traffic approaches four billion
04/04/2017 10:52
Will Kazakhstan refuse from Airbus A-320 Neo aircraft due to problems with its engines?

Aviation in press

14/04/2017 15:24
Tashkent, Dushanbe make civil aviation breakthrough
04/04/2017 17:02
Dushanbe – Tashkent flight: both countries hurried
04/04/2017 15:45
Tajik transport ministry accuses Russian aviation authorities of violating air communication agreement

News: Uzbekistan

28/04/2017 18:39 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways increases frequency of flights to Astana

During the period from April 29th through October 28, 2017 Uzbekistan Airways will increase the frequency of flights en route Tashkent,UzbekistanAstana, Kazakhstan.

28/04/2017 18:36 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to carry 7,200 pilgrims as part of Hajj-2017 program

Uzbekistan Airways has scheduled to carry 7,200 pilgrims in the framework of the Hajj-2017 program.

27/04/2017 15:14 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to introduce second flight to Mineralnye Vody

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) will introduce the second flight on route Tashkent – Mineralnye Vody – Tashkent

27/04/2017 15:03 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to conduct flights to New York on Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) will start to execute flights on route Tashkent-Riga-New York-Tashkenton Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets from May 2017. 

24/04/2017 16:16 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan discuss on launching charter flights to Issyk-Kul

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan held negotiations on the possible organization of charter flights to Issyk-Kul (Tamchy / Issyk-Kul International Airport).

24/04/2017 16:05 Uzbekistan

ICAO holds audit of flights safety

Experts of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) held an audit of the system of the civil aviation of Uzbekistan on April 10-21, 2017. 

20/04/2017 17:36 Uzbekistan

Plane flying from Moscow to Uzbekistan makes emergency landing in Samara due to passenger’s premature birth

A plane was flying en route Moscow, RussiaFerghana, Uzbekistan, yesterday, April 19, 2017 and urgently landed in Samara.

20/04/2017 16:35 Uzbekistan

AmeriCares awards Uzbekistan Airways with the Certificate of Honour

Картинки по запросу americares logo

Uzbekistan Airways was awarded with the Certificate of Honour by the AmeriCares International Organization for the implementation of gratuitous humanitarian programs.

20/04/2017 16:13 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways introduces additional flights to Samara

Since July 2, 2017 Uzbekistan Airways will introduce additional flights en route Tashkent, UzbekistanSamara, RussiaTashkent.

18/04/2017 14:23 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways operates its charter flights from Nagoya to Guam

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) has operated its charter programme to carry Japanese tourists from NagoyaJapan, to Guam, the United States.

12/04/2017 18:10 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways receives new Full flight simulator

Картинки по запросу FFS Uzbekistan Airways photos

Uzbekistan Airways has received a new Full-flight-simulator (FFS) Boeing-767.

11/04/2017 16:59 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways operates its first flight to Tajikistan’s Dushanbe

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) conducted its first flight from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on April 11, 2017. 

10/04/2017 16:07 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to resume flights to Tajikistan

Uzbekistan’s national airline, the Uzbekistan Airways, will resume flights to Tajikistan, said the message on the company’s website Apr. 10.

06/04/2017 18:29 Uzbekistan

Uzbek Ambassador calls not to politicize cancellation of Tashkent — Dushanbe flights

Картинки по запросу Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Tajikistan Shokasym Shoislamov photos

Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Tajikistan Shokasym Shoislamov calls not to politicize the cancellation of the flight on the route TashkentDushanbeTashkent scheduled for April 4, reports the radio Ozodi.

05/04/2017 15:51 Uzbekistan

The first flight Tashkent - Dushanbe to take place after ensuring loading of aircraft by passengers

Uzbekistan Airways will make the first flight en route Tashkent,UzbekistanDushanbe, TajikistanTashkent after the required loading of the aircraft by passengers is provided, the airline’s press service told Trend on Wednesday.

04/04/2017 12:03 Uzbekistan

The first flight in 25 years, Tashkent – Dushanbe cancelled because of a shortage of passengers

Uzbekistan Airways has cancelled its first flight en route Tashkent, UzbekistanDushanbe, TajikistanTashkent  scheduled for April 4, 2017 due to the small number of air tickets sold.

04/04/2017 11:34 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways completes its flights to Malaysia and Singapore on Dreamliner aircraft

Uzbekistan Airways has operated its international flights to Kuala Lumpur and Singaporeon Boeing-787 Dreamliner new aircraft.

29/03/2017 16:33 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways starts to fly to Lahore

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) will start to conduct flights on route TashkentLahoreTashkent on April 5, 2017. 

29/03/2017 16:18 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to increase frequency of flights to Astana

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) will increase number of flights to Astana, Kazakhstan, since April 1, 2017. 

27/03/2017 14:54 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to increase frequency of Tashkent – Kaliningrad flight since March 29th

As of March 29, 2017, Uzbekistan Airways will increase the frequency of its direct international flights en route Tashkent, Uzbekistan - KaliningradRussia, the airline spokesperson told the REGNUM News Agency, Russia.

24/03/2017 14:39 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways is leader in terms of air traffic in Saint-Petersburg’s Pulkovo

Uzbekistan Airways has become one of the leaders in terms of air traffic to the St. Petersburg’s  Pulkovo International Airportin January-February 2017, according to the “Air Gates of the Northern Capital” LLC.

22/03/2017 16:11 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways gives festive mood to its passengers

The terminal of the Tashkent International Airportis decorated with bright compositions of flowers, symbolizing this light and spring equinox holiday to create a festive atmosphere for passengers. On March 21, 2017 passengers were given greeting cards during check-in for flights, and congratulations with the truly national Navruz holiday are sounded in the waiting rooms.

22/03/2017 15:55 Uzbekistan

Special Aviation Works Airlines celebrates its 20-year anniversary

In 1997, Special Aviation Works (SAW) Airlines was established, as an independent division of Uzbekistan Airways. On March 13, 2017 this air company marked its 20th anniversary.

17/03/2017 15:07 Uzbekistan

Comprehensive exercises on search and emergency rescue operations for flights take place at Uzbek airports

Comprehensive exercises on search and emergency rescue operations for flights (SEROF) were conducted at the airports of Ferghana, Andijan, Namangan and Navoi, the Uzbekistan Airways  reported today.

02/03/2017 16:26 Uzbekistan

Proposal to increase Tashkent – Riga – New York flight frequencies

The Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to Latvia Afzal Artikov held talks with the Minister of Transport of Latvia Uldis Augulis.

01/03/2017 16:23 Uzbekistan

Kiev – Tashkent air traffic can be launched in summer 2017

Картинки по запросу flags Uzbekistan/Ukraine photos

Ukraine and Uzbekistan continue talks to resume direct flights en route Kiev Tashkent, said Yuriy Savchenko, head of Ukrainian diplomatic mission, according to Sputnik Uzbekistan.

01/03/2017 11:43 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to receive new full flight simulator

Картинки по запросу Full flight simulator Uzbekistan Airways photos

In March 2017, Uzbekistan Airways will receive a new Full-flight simulator (FFS) for its Boeing-767 airplane, which was produced by the CAE Company, Canada

01/03/2017 11:24 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to fly more frequently to New York

Uzbekistan Airways will increases the frequency of flights en route Tashkent,Uzbekistan - New York, USA, via Riga, Latvia, the airline said in a statement.

27/02/2017 14:55 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to begin flying to Lahore and Dushanbe since April 2017

On March 26, 2017 Uzbekistan Airways will transfer to spring/summer air navigation flight schedule.

24/02/2017 15:05 Uzbekistan

Tashkent explains Dushanbe how to correctly operate flights to Uzbekistan

On February 23, 2017 Uzbekistan Airways organized a meeting with Bakhtiyor Alimurodov, a trusted representative of Somon Air, during which questions were clarified to operate flight by the Tajik air carrier from Dushanbeto Tashkent, Uzbekistan Airways’ Press Service said.


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