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28/04/2017 18:20
Airbus reports first quarter 2017 results
14/04/2017 17:46
IATA: Worldwide air passenger traffic approaches four billion
04/04/2017 10:52
Will Kazakhstan refuse from Airbus A-320 Neo aircraft due to problems with its engines?

Aviation in press

14/04/2017 15:24
Tashkent, Dushanbe make civil aviation breakthrough
04/04/2017 17:02
Dushanbe – Tashkent flight: both countries hurried
04/04/2017 15:45
Tajik transport ministry accuses Russian aviation authorities of violating air communication agreement

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28/03/2017 16:59 Partner's news

Emirates’ seat reservation now available through the Amadeus distribution channel

Amadeus | Let's shape the future of travel

Emirates is offering travellers more choice and personalized travel experiences by making advanced seat reservation available through the Amadeus distribution channel. Advanced seat reservation allows travellers to select their seat at the time of purchase. With this ancillary services implementation, Emirates is also able to add new and exciting services to its catalogue, so travel agents can serve their customers’ broadest needs and add even further value to their overall travel journey.

28/03/2017 16:50 Partner's news

Amadeus technology helps TUI fly take control of card payment processing to drive business growth

Amadeus | Let's shape the future of travel

TUI fly is poised to improve cash flow and drive sales growth in the travel agency channel thanks to Amadeus payment solutions and a distribution agreement.

23/03/2017 14:35 Partner's news

Amadeus B2B Wallet wins top innovation award


Amadeus was yesterday awarded a gold medal in the ‘Best B2B innovation’ category for its B2B Wallet product at’s prestigious Innovator Awards ceremony. 


07/03/2017 16:24 Partner's news

Finnair, Skyscanner and Amadeus join forces to boost conversion with assisted bookings


Travellers can now book Finnair flights and ancillaries directly with the airline without leaving Skyscanner’s platform.

07/03/2017 16:15 Partner's news

Adelaide Airport and Amadeus partner to roll out Australasia’s first fully automated airport management system


With more than 8 million passengers annually, a forecast of more than 18 million passengers by 2034, and a vision to become a top tier business centre in Asia Pacific, Adelaide Airport is committed to scaling its airport operations and meeting its growth plans.

07/03/2017 15:47 Partner's news

Air Canada turns to Amadeus technology to power its new online global shopping and booking experience


Simple, better, quicker, accurate: these are the hallmarks of the best online shopping experiences for travellers when it comes to booking a flight.  And now customers of Air Canada have all of these features in a new and improved booking experience, powered by leading digital solutions from global travel technology company, Amadeus.

14/11/2016 17:14 Partner's news

Amadeus achieves sustainability leadership in the DJSI five years in a row

At Amadeus we believe that travel is not just about statistics or transactions. It’s also about people. Which is why we always try to identify not just what our customers and other travel industry stakeholders need today, but also what they might depend on tomorrow.

09/11/2016 17:48 Partner's news

Malaysia Airlines boosts ‘traveller first’ approach with landmark Amadeus technology agreement


In a competitive world where travellers are spoilt for choice, airlines must move from simply selling seats to providing an experience for their customers, which starts from the moment they start to shop.

08/11/2016 15:48 Partner's news

Ukraine International Airlines choose Amadeus Altéa platform


UIA has chosen the Amadeus Altéa Suite, which provides the carrier with a complete Passenger Service System that offers full reservation, inventory and departure control capabilities, delivering a unique, integrated solution. 

25/10/2016 13:46 Partner's news

Copenhagen Airport now A-CDM ready with Amadeus technology


Copenhagen Airport implements Amadeus solutions to minimise delays and increase the capacity on the ground and in the air.

20/10/2016 17:39 Partner's news

Airlines look for new ways to solve a $60 billion problem


New report from T2RL and Amadeus says flight disruption costs the travel industry some 8% of its global revenues every single year. 


18/10/2016 18:08 Partner's news

Why a millisecond matters: KAYAK delivers more speed to users, powered by Amadeus technology


The world’s leading travel search engine, KAYAK, has implemented Amadeus Master Pricer with Instant Search technology.

05/10/2016 17:38 Partner's news

Amadeus achieves sustainability leadership in the DJSI five years in a row


Amadeus is the only travel technology company included in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2016. DJSI measures sustainability in leading-edge corporations worldwide.

25/08/2016 14:12 Partner's news

easyJet and Amadeus continue longstanding partnership


easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, and Amadeus (IBEX:AMS.MC), a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, today announce the renewal of a long-term partnership, giving Amadeus subscribers continued access to easyJet’s range of fares.

13/07/2016 14:51 Partner's news

Iberia launches new branded fares through the Amadeus distribution channel


Iberia increases branding, differentiation and upsell opportunities of its products through Amadeus-connected travel agents.

07/07/2016 18:47 Partner's news

Almaty International Airport, supported by Amadeus introduces radically new passenger service system


The Airport in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, is still playing an important role in the business and cultural life of the country, completed the implementation of the system Amadeus Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) and soon plans to launch a baggage management system Amadeus Airport Baggage Reconciliation Solution (BRS). These solutions help to take advantage of the most modern technologies for the management of airport activities.

30/06/2016 15:45 Partner's news

Amadeus receives Red Hat award for achievements in cloud computing innovation technology


Amadeus has been awarded “Cloud innovator of the year” by open source solutions provider Red Hat, for a project it describes as providing ‘a wonderful example of what is possible with open source’. This commendation follows the successful launch of Amadeus Cloud Services last June, supported by an open source project Amadeus developed in collaboration with Red Hat on OpenShift Container Platform. Red Hat Innovation Awards honour customers and partners for their outstanding and innovative use of Red Hat solutions and Amadeus will be recognised this week at the 2016 Red Hat Summit, taking place in San Francisco, USA, from June 28th – 30th.

17/06/2016 14:12 Partner's news

Amadeus and Emirates renew full content agreement


Emirates and Amadeus announced the renewal of their distribution agreement to ensure that the airline’s full inventory of fares and flights is made available to Amadeus-connected travel agencies and travellers worldwide.

14/06/2016 18:08 Partner's news

Amadeus among first in the industry to receive highest level of NDC certification from IATA


Amadeus announced today that it received level 3 New Distribution Capability (NDC) certification as an IT provider from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Level 3 is the highest stage of NDC certification. Airlines using Amadeus’ new Altéa NDC solution developed earlier this year and now IATA certified, will have the option to distribute their prices and fares, including ancillary and fare family content, using NDC Offers & Orders.

31/05/2016 19:55 Partner's news

Amadeus, Boston Consulting Group present mobile app for easy travel planning


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Amadeus have launched a new itinerary management app available to the consulting firm’s entire workforce worldwide. With the new MyBCGTrip mobile app, built hand-in-hand with Amadeus, BCG’s travellers are now set to experience a smoother journey. They are empowered with the right information when and where they need it the most – right at their fingertips. This iOS app is now available to BCG’s employees across its 80+ offices worldwide.

17/05/2016 15:34 Partner's news

Egencia to help business-class passengers jointly with Amadeus


Expedia’s travel management company partners with Amadeus and airlines to offer ancillaries to business travellers.

06/05/2016 14:41 Partner's news

Amadeus delivers strong first quarter results

Amadeus | Let's shape the future of travel

Amadeus IT Holding, S.A., a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, reports year-on-year financial and operating results for the first quarter of 2016 (three months ended March 31, 2016). Adjusted profit for the period grew 17.0%, to €245.6 million supported by a revenue increase of 13.2%, to €1,120.0 million and EBITDA growth of 15.2%, to €448.8 million. Free cash-flow generation expanded 17.9% in the quarter, in the context of a robust capital structure, with leverage at 1.43x EBITDA.

04/05/2016 18:43 Partner's news

Scandinavian Airlines signs up for Amadeus Fare Families

It shouldn’t take ten minutes of scrolling and clicking boxes to book a fare with seat selection, the option to request a refund, an extra bag and extra legroom. Nor should travellers have to wonder how much all these add-ons will cost until they reach the payment stage.

29/04/2016 16:13 Partner's news

Amadeus Performance Insight to help airlines improving their profitability


It is an undeniable fact that the airline industry produces, and continues to produce, huge volumes of data every single day. This in turn creates a ‘data rush’ – where airlines strive to acquire, store and analyze that data in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. And while some have already begun extracting some value from the data at their fingertips, many are still unaware of what data they already have and most importantly, how it can be used.

27/04/2016 15:29 Partner's news

Ural Airlines’ Fare Families now available through the Amadeus distribution channel

Картинки по запросу логотип Амадеус

Amadeus Airline Fare Families has now been implemented for Ural Airlines, one of Russia’s biggest airlines.

13/04/2016 15:16 Partner's news

Etihad Airways and Amadeus expand rich content capabilities, improving the booking experience for travellers and travel agents worldwide

Etihad Airways and Amadeus have renewed their Full Content Agreement that ensures Amadeus-connected travel agencies and travellers continue to have access to the airline’s full inventory of flights, seats and other services.

24/03/2016 17:54 Partner's news

Amadeus and Virgin Australia extend partnership to distribute airline’s full content

VH-YFT - Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800

Amadeus and Virgin Australia have signed a new multi-year agreement, extending their longstanding partnership.

03/02/2016 18:42 Partner's news

Amadeus and AccesRail strengthen commitment to a door-to-door travel future


Door-to-door travel has long demanded integrating the air and ground travel worlds to provide a seamless booking experience. Booking a flight to London Heathrow and then adding a bus connection to Bath on the same screen was previously not possible – but Amadeus and content aggregator AccesRail have now made this a reality.

02/02/2016 17:44 Partner's news

Stop waiting on hold! Travellers can now independently rebook flights online

Holidays get delayed. Meetings are rescheduled. In the wake of such stressful moments, travellers don’t want to wait on hold to change their flights; they want immediate peace of mind.

27/01/2016 18:40 Partner's news

Amadeus completes acquisition of Navitaire

Amadeus announced that it has completed the US$830m acquisition of Navitaire from Accenture.


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