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Secondary market of business jets reaches the pre-crisis level

Consulting company JETNET published a report on the state of the secondary market of business aircraft and helicopters in June and for the first half of 2018. The main world trends in all market segments were analyzed from June 2017 to June 2018. In June, in all segments, the share of the fleet in the secondary market declined. June 2018 showed the lowest level (9.1%) of business jets put up for sale in relation to the fleet in operation since the beginning of the big recession.

BOMBARDIER makes profit of US $114 million in H1 2018 against loss in 2017

According to the H1 2018 results, the net profit of the Bombardier Inc., Canada, amounted to US $ 114 million against a loss of US $ 237 million a year earlier, the company reports.

AIRBUS net profit falls by over twice for H1 2018

The European aircraft construction concern Airbus reduced its net profit by 2.2 times in the H1 2018, as compared to the same period last year, down to EUR 496 million, the company reports.

Passenger flow continues to grow worldwide

As regards the air transportation market in April 2018, world passenger traffic increased by 6.1%, as compared to the same period last year. These are the findings of the study conducted by the Airports Council International (ACI World). Although this is just below the average moving average of 6.5%.

Helicopter crash. Chronicle of events

A military helicopter Mi-8MTV crashed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan on July 9. There were 15 people — nine tourists, one interpreter and five crew members — on board.

Optimism comes to the business aviation market

“70% of 450 business operators in the JetNet iQ Q2 2018 survey believe that the current market cycle has pushed off from the bottom,” said Managing Director Rollie Vincent at the annual JetNet IQ Summit in White Plains, New York.

Emergency aviation

The state of safety in the CIS to deteriorate, according to the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). The accident rate, noted in its report for 2017, is growing due to general aviation, light and ultra-light vessels, which accounts for half of the incidents. The reason for most of the incidents is the human factor and the low control of state bodies, the IAC believes. The Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency emphasize that they have implemented training programs for pilots and are monitoring the admittance of pilots, but they propose to the general aviation “to get out of the gray zone”.

Business aviation’s number of flights breaks records

Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), the leading independent provider of maintenance and financial services in business aviation, has issued the next Business Aviation Index report for the first quarter of 2018. According to the index, which tracks the use of approximately 2000 business aircraft around the world, the raid in the first quarter of 2018 was at the highest level compared to any first quarter since 2008.

Dubai Aerospace in talks to place huge order for 400 jets

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, one of the world’s largest aircraft lessors, is in talks to buy 400 jetliners from Airbus and Boeing and is prepared to expand its fleet through acquisition if talks fall through, its chief executive told Reuters on Thursday.

The world’s cheapest airlines based in Asia

Four of the world’s five cheapest airlines are based in Asia, according to a Global Flight Pricing survey conducted by the Rome2Rio tourist search engine. The experts analyzed the tariffs for the flight to economy class of 200 air carriers from different countries and calculated the cost of one “air” kilometer.