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The history of Osh International Airport in Kyrgyzstan

The airport in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, has been working for a long time. Some sources on the Internet claim that it has been operating since 1928.

Dushanbe loses air passengers, and Tashkent becomes a transit hub for Tajiks

The high prices for air tickets in our country and the long-awaited warming of relations with neighboring Uzbekistan leads to a logical result – our citizens increasingly fly abroad not from Dushanbe, but from Tashkent. To whom is it profitable?

Reasons and details of acquiring 80% of shares of Manas Management CJSC by Manas International Airport OJSC

The acquisition of 80 percent of the shares of Manas Management CJSC OJSC by the Manas International Airport OJSC over the past two years continues to be periodically exaggerated by a certain number of people, accusing them of declaring that this transaction is inconsistent with the requirements of the Kyrgyz legislation.

The first of the first: Tajik Air celebrates the Civil Aviation Day

A solemn meeting dedicated to the 94th anniversary of the Tajikistan’s civil aviation sector was held today in the Tajik Air conference hall in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Today veterans and honors of civil aviation who worked with Tajik Air received well-deserved awards.

Why did the helicopter fall?

There was a tragedy in Tajikistan in early August 2018. A helicopter with Russian mountaineers fell, five people died, including two Tajik helicopter pilots. What was with it – an accident or a system crash? Our experts are inclined to the second option.

Turkmenistan Airlines: queues, lack of air tickets and protection

In the summer season, Turkmenistan again has problems with air tickets. If the local airline ticket can still be bought after standing in queues during 2-3 hours, but, as regards international flights, there are no available for sale air tickets until the end of October 2018. Particularly, this regards to such air destinations, as Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Ankara and Istanbul. ANT sources say that if there are connections or money, the coveted air ticket can be bought even for the next week.

Helicopter crash. Why military chiefs hush up the accident

Two weeks have passed since the helicopter crashed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The Military Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case on the fact.

Passengers wishing to fly from Turkmenistan have to pay bribes even if successfully checked-in for a flight

At the height of the season in Turkmenistan, air ticket prices to Moscow have risen sharply.

How Air Catering was doing its business in contrary to rules and safety

Trial between Manas International Airport OJSC and Air Catering company continues for several years. But there is still no point in the matter. And instead of negotiations, one of the sides only blackens the other, forgetting about their own violations.

Stewardess named Jeannanisso: Labour everyday life of Tajik Sky Girls

On July 12, the World Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day is celebrated and we have an opportunity to show the charming faces of the domestic flight attendants working with Somon Air and Tajik Air, as well as learn more about how they should look and what they should be able to do.