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“No food, no apology”: Kazakhstan residents complain about nine-hour flight delay from Kazakhstan’s Bek Air Airlines

Passengers of the Bek Air’s Aktau – Nur-Sultan domestic flight in Kazakhstan complained that the departure of the aircraft was delayed by nine hours. At the same time, the passengers noted, they were not provided with hot meals, accommodation in a hotel and even basic apologies, according to NUR.KZ.

Flights from Russia to Kazakhstan to become cheaper, as new low-cost airline arrives in the market

Flights from Russia to Kazakhstan will become cheaper by about 10-15% in December 2019.

Dushanbe International Airport – 90-year-old

On November 5, 2019 the Dushanbe International Airport, Tajikistan, celebrates its 90th anniversary. What are the conditions there today, who is responsible for safety, and how to control flights in the sky?

Helicopters stumbling. Misfortunes of a foreign investor in Kyrgyzstan

In search of the truth, the representative of the foreign company named Al Amyal Aviation Services FZE appeals to the courts of Kyrgyzstan for the fifth time. Litigation has been lasting since 2014. An investor has not been able to obtain justice from the Kyrgyz Themis for five years.

Russia’s Aeroflot to reduce aircraft fleet for the first time in 12 years

Aeroflot will reduce its fleet in 2019, the Vedomosti newspaper reported on Tuesday. Although the number of liners will decrease by two only, this will be the first reduction in the fleet since 2007, Trend reports citing TASS.

How much does the new airliner that entered Air Astana fleet cost?

According to the previous report, on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 the Kazakhstan’s flag air carrier Air Astana showed its new long-range airliner, Airbus A321LR, to the public.

How is civil aviation developing in Kazakhstan?

In his ‘Address to the People “Constructive Public Dialogue – the Basis of Kazakhstan’s Stability and Prosperity”, the President of Kazakhstan instructed the Government to systematically and substantively deal with pricing and tariff issues. This applies to goods and services of natural monopolists.

To fly and not to be afraid: effective tips for people suffering with aerophobia

If the thought of an upcoming flight makes you nervous, most likely you are among the people suffering from aerophobia. Tengri Travel offers some tips to help you pull yourself together and even enjoy your flight.

Dreams of the sky. The story of Tatiana from Dushanbe, who became a pilot

Tatyana Afentieva, a resident of Dushanbe, became one of the few women who conquered the sky and became a pilot. The beauty in summer uniform seriously disturbed the Tajik Facebook segment, where a friend congratulated her on graduation. Still would! After all, as is commonly believed, a pilot is far from a female profession. The young lady told us her story.

Uzbek security services remove 39 entrepreneurs flying from Tashkent to New Delhi

On September 11, 2019 over ten employees of the State Security Service (SSB) of Uzbekistan raided the Tashkent International Airport and took 39 businessmen out of the plane, who were taken to a pre-trial detention center on Guards Street, where they were detained for one and a half days, seven “shuttle traders reported on September 16, according to