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Uzbekistan has figured out how to reduce air ticket prices down to US $100

The State Committee on Tourism, Uzbekistan, has developed measures that, according to its calculations, reduce the cost of air tickets for travelers to US $100-150. The Committee’s proposals are set forth in the Tourism Sector Development Concept in Uzbekistan, Fergana writes today.

Pilots reveal things they NEVER tell their passengers

Pilots of international airlines told what they would never tell their passengers, the Daily Mail writes.

The body of Tajik boy who died in the plane to be delivered to Dushanbe

The body of the dead four-year-old boy, who died on board the Russian UTair Airlines’ plane in the evening of October 23rd will be delivered by direct flight from Samara, Russia, to Dushanbe, Tajikistan on Friday, Jamilya Huseynova, Spokesperson, Dushanbe International Airport, reported to the Asia Plus News Agency, Tajikistan.

Will Tajik Air be handed over to private hands?

The Government of Tajikistan is ready to transfer the shares of the state air carrier Tajik Air to private hands in order to save the air company from bankruptcy. Currently, all 100% of Tajik Air shares are owned by the state.

Civil aviation sector of Turkmenistan makes steep peak

In recent years, the civil aviation sector of Turkmenistan has become an exhibition of the stupidity and helplessness of the Turkmen rulers. tells about how to fly cheaper

All of us – someone more often, someone rarer, fly by air: on vacation, on a business trip and on training. Today, in an advanced technology era, we wondered how to correctly purchase airline tickets in online agencies. Dilshod Muhomediev, Director, Air Tickets Sales Agency, told about how not to run into scammers, what you need to know when buying your air ticket and how to save on it.

China may become the world’s largest air market in the next five years

In the next five years, China may become the world’s largest air market, said Steven Smo, organizer of the International Air Carriers Conference, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes.

The history of Osh International Airport in Kyrgyzstan

The airport in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, has been working for a long time. Some sources on the Internet claim that it has been operating since 1928.

Dushanbe loses air passengers, and Tashkent becomes a transit hub for Tajiks

The high prices for air tickets in our country and the long-awaited warming of relations with neighboring Uzbekistan leads to a logical result – our citizens increasingly fly abroad not from Dushanbe, but from Tashkent. To whom is it profitable?

Reasons and details of acquiring 80% of shares of Manas Management CJSC by Manas International Airport OJSC

The acquisition of 80 percent of the shares of Manas Management CJSC OJSC by the Manas International Airport OJSC over the past two years continues to be periodically exaggerated by a certain number of people, accusing them of declaring that this transaction is inconsistent with the requirements of the Kyrgyz legislation.