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Russia – Georgia air traffic not to be restored within a year

The flow of tourists from Russia to Georgia decreased by 70%, Yuri Barzykin, vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, informed Izvestia.

All the most important about the new rules for baggage on airplanes in Kazakhstan

Air Astana has introduced new baggage rules. Now, instead of the Weight concept system, when the total weight of luggage was taken into account, the Piece concept system (unit concept) was introduced – the amount of luggage is considered. Tengri Travel reveals the details of the new rules.

Flights to Georgia become almost 1.5 times more expensive

Flights from Russia to Georgia went up by 31-55% after the ban on direct flights was introduced, which began to operate exactly a month ago, ticket-booking services informed Izvestia.

Heavenly charm: what should Tajik airline flight attendants look like?

July 12 is the World Day of the civil aviation flight attendant and we have a reason to show the charming faces of the flight attendants of domestic airlines – Somon Air and Tajik Air.

Russian Foreign Minister tells when the ban on air traffic with Georgia to be lifted

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an exclusive interview with said that Russia would lift the ban on flights from Georgia when all the necessary conditions for the safety of Russians are created in this country.

Uzbekistan Airways: on monopoly and high prices

Uzbekistan Airways carefully reads a number of articles and posts, which recently raised the topic of pricing for national airline tickets, sounded charges of changing the concept of a charter and regular flight and other issues related to the country’s civil aviation.

Uzbekistan Airways rejects monopolization of the transportation market

Uzbekistan Airways published a response to customer complaints on its official Facebook page that social air carriers accused the carrier of monopolizing the market. The air company tried to refute such allegations.

Flights to Khorog resumed at request of GBAO governor

Flights to Khorog, the capital of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), have been resumed at the request of GBAO governor Yodgor Fayzov.

Mi-8 helicopter crashes – the most well-known cases lately

The crash of a military Mi-8 helicopter in the Kyzylorda region, which occurred yesterday, March 27, as usual, caused concern throughout Kazakhstani society. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported that a helicopter flew as part of an exercise. When it crashed killed 13 soldiers on board. It was also reported that the flight took place in difficult weather conditions.

Business aviation for every day: closed demonstration of HondaJet and AW119KX, the latest aviation technology, held in triumph in Kazakhstan

The Aim of Emperor and Exclases Group, which are the official distributors of HondaJet aircraft and Leonardo helicopters, respectively, organized the first joint indoor display of the latest light aircraft – HondaJet and AW119Kx.