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Stewardess named Jeannanisso: Labour everyday life of Tajik Sky Girls

On July 12, the World Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day is celebrated and we have an opportunity to show the charming faces of the domestic flight attendants working with Somon Air and Tajik Air, as well as learn more about how they should look and what they should be able to do.

Flight attendants apologize to CEO and Director General of Tajik Air

In May 2017, 72 flight attendants of the Tajik national airline, Tajik Air, issued their appeal to the President of Tajikistan, where they complained about the leadership of this Air Company in violation of the labour legislation requirements. The flight attendants’ case reached the court, and it lasted several months. Recently, the bulk of the former flight attendants appealed to the Air Company’s management with official apologies.

Workarounds. How to fly to Russia now?

The civil aviation scandal between Russia and Tajikistan has led to the fact that hundreds of Tajiks, because of canceled flights, will now have to change their plans. In total, flights to 11 cities of Russia are canceled and, if the civil aviation authorities of the two countries fail to agree, there is a possibility of canceling flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Tajikistan and Russia mutually cut the number of fights between Dushanbe and Moscow

Airlines war between Tajikistan and Russian has taken turn for the worse and they mutually cut the number of flights between Dushanbe and Moscow.

Airlines conflict between Tajikistan and Russia reaches its apogee

An airlines conflict between Tajikistan and Russia has reached its apogee.  The Russian civilian aviation authorities have suspended Tajik air carriers’ flights to some cities of the Russian Federation.  The Tajik side has responded by suspending Russian airlines’ flights to Dushanbe and Khujand.

Aviation passions heat up: Somon Air under danger its Khujand – Moscow flight to be closed

Aviation scandals between aviation authorities of Tajikistan and Russia are not the first time before the summer season in late March, and in October – on the eve of the winter flight season. So, it happened in this March as well.

Tajikistan and Russia: aviation dispute continues

The Tajik aviation authorities allowed Ural Airlines to make two flights from Russia’s Yekaterinburg to Tajikistan’s Dushanbe and Khujand. Earlier it was reported that the passengers of Yekaterinburg – Khujand and Yekaterinburg – Dushanbe flights are waiting for the flight for more than 13 hours.

Refueling Company in Tajikistan increases cost of jet fuel by 30%

The Refueling Company, which owns the exclusive right to import aviation fuel, has increased the cost of aviation kerosene by 30% since early February 2018, from US $1,120 to US $1,465 per metric ton.

An-148 air crash not far from Moscow: the main things about the tragedy, in which 71 people died

On February 11, the An-148 passenger airliner belonged to Russia’s Saratov Airlines, took off to fly en route Moscow – Orsk and crashed. The plane departed from the Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport at 02:24 pm local time, and after a few minutes it stopped contacting and disappeared from the radar. “Novaya Gazeta” newspaper provided with the following details of what happened.

Main work results for Manas International Airport OJSC in 2017

Emir Chukuev, Chairperson, Manas International Airport, looks to the future of his company with optimism. The top-manager summed up the results of the year and told about the main achievements of the company in 2017.