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Krasnodar – Tbilisi direct flights launched

Since May 24, 2018 Ural Airlines, Russia, has started operating its direct flights en route Krasnodar, Russia – Tbilisi, Georgia.

Georgian airline accuses airport management of rising prices

Tamaz Gayashvili, founder of Georgjan Airways, says that the high prices for air tickets that are installed on the flights of his airline are due to the conditions set by the current management of the Tbilisi International Airport.

Georgian Air Navigation Agency to open its new air traffic control building and training center

The Georgian Air Navigation Agency (Gruzaeronavigatsiya) will open its new air traffic control building and a training center at Tbilisi International Airport tomorrow, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development told IPN.

Kutaisi International Airport takes the first flight from Paris

Yesterday, May 17, 2018 the Kutaisi International Airport, Georgia, took the first flight from Paris, France. The event was attended by the Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dmitry Kumsishvili. According to him, passenger traffic at Kutaisi International Airport will triple.

The first direct flight flies from Seoul to Tbilisi

Right now, the first direct flight is flying from Seoul, South Korea, to Tbilisi, Georgia. About 200 tourists fly from South Korea to Tbilisi with Korean Air.

Wizz Air adds seven destinations from Kutaisi Airport

Since May 17, the low-cost air carrier Wizz Air will launch its seven new scheduled flights from Kutaisi International Airport, Georgia, to Paris, Prague, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Bucharest and Vienna, according to Novosti-Georgia.

Boeing to become the first buyer of aircraft parts produced in Georgia

The Boeing Company will become the first buyer of aircraft parts, Natia Turnava, deputy head of the Partnership Fund, said BM.GE. According to her, Experts from Boeing plan to arrive in Georgia in a month.

Tbilisi launches Georgian-Israeli plant to produce parts for aircraft

A new Georgian factory that will produce civil aircraft parts for Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier passenger planes has opened today in the capital city of Tbilisi, according to Novosti-Georgia. For the implementation of the project, the Georgian and Israeli sides founded a joint venture company, the Aerostructure Technologies Cyclone (ATC) in Georgia.

Pobeda Airlines flies to Georgia

Pobeda Airlines, Russia, following UVT Aero Airlines, Russia, received permits from the Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency for flights from Perm, Russia, to Georgia. At the same time, the Russian low-cost air carrier has plans to transport over 400 people a week, while UVT Aero – 100. Experts doubt that Pobeda Airlines has chosen the optimal frequency of flights. Representatives of the low cost air carrier are confident in downloading more than 90%, but have not yet decided on the date of the commencement of these flights.

Tarom Airlines, Romania, to fly to Georgia

The national airline of Romania, Tarom Airlines, will start operating its flights en route Bucharest, Romania – Tbilisi, Georgia – Bucharest since July 1, 2018, according to Novosti-Georgia.