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Flybe partners with Amadeus for digital transformation

Flybe customers to benefit from an enhanced digital experience including personalised offers, tailored pricing and mobile disruption management. Adoption of Amadeus’ full Altéa Suite underpins Flybe’s business improvement strategy.

Hong Kong International Airport reinvents check-in with new adaptable kiosks powered by Amadeus

The next generation iCUSS check-in kiosks can be relocated to best fit the traveller journey making check-in easier and faster for travellers, and saving significant costs for the airport.

Finnair transforms its booking experience with Amadeus’ newest digital retailing API

The new technology brings flexibility to Finnair’s online retailing experience, allowing booking flows to be adapted to what works best for the traveller.

New Amadeus paper identifies four ways the blockchain can transform the future of the travel industry

Amadeus says the blockchain – one of six areas the company has identified as potential disruptors of travel – has tremendous promise to change the way we can ‘exchange value’ digitally. Amadeus is also launching its new Innovation Partnership Programme, which will support growth stage companies piloting new ideas using a range of different emerging technologies.

Aeroflot – Russian Airlines invites pilots

Aeroflot is a leader of the aviation industry in Russia, a member of SkyTeam, the global aviation alliance, as it has one of the youngest aircraft fleets in Europe, which consists mainly of Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Leading global online travel agency plans for exponential growth with new search capabilities from Amadeus

With new Amadeus search technology, will be able to pre-calculate 750 million flight combinations—significantly expanding in its search capacity—giving the ability to deliver better value, faster to travellers worldwide.

Emirates’ seat reservation now available through the Amadeus distribution channel

Amadeus | Let's shape the future of travel

Emirates is offering travellers more choice and personalized travel
experiences by making advanced seat reservation available through the Amadeus
distribution channel. Advanced seat reservation allows travellers to select
their seat at the time of purchase. With this ancillary services
implementation, Emirates is also able to add new and exciting services to its
catalogue, so travel agents can serve their customers’ broadest needs and add
even further value to their overall travel journey.

Having also recently launched its branded fares in the Amadeus
distribution channel, Emirates now has the tools to differentiate its brand, maximize
sales and engage with travellers and travel agents in new and innovative ways
through the world’s largest and most diverse travel community.

Currently, Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services has been implemented for
91 airlines in the Amadeus distribution channel, with a total of 128 airlines
signed-up to the industry-leading solution. Deployed worldwide, including all
IATA BSP markets, and fully integrated end-to-end, Amadeus Airline Ancillary
Services has been delivering real results for airlines, travel agents and
travellers, with a 70% increase in ancillaries sold during 2016.

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Amadeus technology helps TUI fly take control of card payment processing to drive business growth

Amadeus | Let's shape the future of travel

TUI fly is poised to improve
cash flow and drive sales growth in the travel agency channel thanks to Amadeus
payment solutions and a distribution agreement.

Payment cards are the go-to method to pay for flights. Tried and tested
for decades, they are convenient and dependable. In the travel agency channel,
they account for at least 62% of the payments airlines receive worldwide. But
are airlines really making the most of this payment method to enable business

With today’s ecommerce payment technology, airlines can easily and
efficiently process card payments on their own websites. But in the travel
agency channel, airlines have traditionally had to navigate longer, more
complicated and restrictive payment cycles.

In an effort to improve payment processes for indirect sales, TUI fly
signed a strategic partnership with Amadeus to adopt the Amadeus Premium Authorization
and the Amadeus Card Capture solutions. In addition, TUI fly renewed its
distribution agreement with Amadeus, making a broad range of fares, including 20 kg free baggage allowance,
free desk check-in or web check-in and on-board catering (one snack and one
non-alcoholic drink) available to Amadeus travel agents as its business model

With the Amadeus Premium Authorization solution, TUI fly’s bank has much
more visibility on card payments which are being processed. This means the
airline will better control card acceptance rates, which in turn could lead to
higher sales and lower transaction costs. The airline can also improve cash
flow by reducing the time it takes to process card payments. Amadeus Card
Capture consolidates reporting from any GDS booking to save the airline manual
time and effort in the back office.

“Amadeus brings a fresh outlook to card payments in the indirect channel
to make it more manageable and cost effective. Their vast payments network
includes our existing acquiring bank. That’s why setup was painless, allowing
us to quickly enable all functionalities for travel agents to book our content
via the Amadeus GDS – in our current critical growth phase, every minute
counts, so a smooth integration was paramount for us,” said Mr. Alejandro
Gonzalez Espinosa, Managing Director TUI fly Vermarktungs GmbH at TUI fly. “Our
travel agency partners can also rest assured that their travellers can pay with
their preferred card. We’re eager to continue working with them to bring new
savings in this channel.”

“The airline industry has a uniquely complex payment environment. Any improvement
demands an in-depth understanding of the processes, players and flows specific
to the industry. Our innovation in the distribution channel is just one example
of Amadeus Travel Payments’ relentless effort to help airlines increase their
sales whilst reducing their total cost of payment,” said Celia Pereiro, head of
Travel Payments at Amadeus. “Our global team of travel payment experts will
unlock smart payments management for TUI fly, helping the airline reach new
customers as it evolves into a competitive scheduled carrier.”

TUI fly sees increasing distribution in the indirect channel as an
instrumental component of its business model evolution. To that end, the
airline has become IATA BSP certified and implemented e-Ticketing, enhancing
its capabilities in the Amadeus distribution channel. Travel agents working
with Amadeus can now book flights with TUI fly and enjoy full back office
integration, ensuring easy flight changes and payment processing with Visa,
MasterCard, American Express and UATP cards.

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Amadeus B2B Wallet wins top innovation award


Amadeus was yesterday awarded a gold medal in the ‘Best B2B innovation’
category for its B2B Wallet product at’s prestigious Innovator
Awards ceremony.

Amadeus B2B Wallet was launched last year and brought to market with two
pioneers in FinTech innovation, Ixaris and Mastercard. The solution provides
travel agencies with a simple and secure way to pay their suppliers using a
fresh approach: virtual cards. With the product, travel agencies can choose the
best payment method, reduce costs, earn revenue and make supplier payments more

The awards honour both new and seasoned payments players, running as
part of the Innovation Project 2017, an event that brings together leaders in
payments, commerce and retail each year for two days of discussions.

“The PYMNTS Innovation Awards celebrate the companies, and men and
women, who have made the most significant contributions to innovation in
payments and commerce in the past, and the entrepreneurs who have the most
promising solutions for driving innovation forward,” according to Karen
Webster, CEO of
. “I’m very honored to be able to
recognize these contributions at IP 2017.”

“We are honoured to have received such a distinctive recognition. B2B
travel payments pose unique challenges which we have been able to crack thanks
to the hard work and effort of the best minds in the industry. B2B Wallet is
seeing promising pick-up across the world – and with it I can say virtual
payments are here to stay in travel. We look forward to introducing it to more
and more markets in the months to come” said Chiara Quaia, Head of Business Development
for Amadeus Travel Payments

Shortly before receiving this award there was another recent award that
Amadeus B2B Wallet won with Ixaris at the Cards & Payments awards for ‘Best
Business Card Programme’.

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the
global travel and tourism industry. The company’s clients include providers of
services in such sectors, as tourism and transportation including airlines,
hotels, railway companies, ferry companies, etc., as well as travel service
providers, namely travel agencies and websites and travel service buyers, such
as corporations and travel companies.

The company employs around 15,000 people worldwide in the central
divisions of Amadeus in Madrid(head office), Nice (development center) and Erding (data processing center),
as well as in 71 regional commercial organizations in more than 190 countries.

Amadeus celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Throughout 2017, the
company will celebrate 30 years of cooperation with its customers, 30 years of
technological innovation and 30 years of providing better quality travel for
travelers around the world.

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Finnair, Skyscanner and Amadeus join forces to boost conversion with assisted bookings


Travellers can now book
Finnair flights and ancillaries directly with the airline without leaving
Skyscanner’s platform.

Like all retailers, airlines want to maintain close contact with their
customers so that they can tailor their shopping experience and make it as
simple and personalized as possible.

With this goal in mind, Finnair is working with Amadeus to launch a new
solution, Amadeus Altea NDC, which is based on IATA’s NDC (New Distribution
Capability) XML-based messaging standard.

Finnair is piloting the solution with Skyscanner, one of the world’s leading
meta-search sites. Travellers purchasing Finnair flights from Skyscanner can
complete their purchase without leaving the Skyscanner platform, with a
seamless process from search to booking.

This new NDC API from Amadeus offers an additional distribution option
for travel retailers to integrate Finnair’s flights, seats and ancillaries. It
also adds to Amadeus’ existing assisted booking portfolio aimed at boosting
conversion for airlines in the increasingly important meta channel.

Rogier van Enk, Finnair’s Head of Commercial Strategy, Distribution
& Data Science says, “Finnair is focused on growing our operations,
including ancillaries. This new solution adds yet another option for our
partners to sell the full range of Finnair offers with an assisted booking
through our systems – especially startups – and at the same time, it can
greatly enhance the customer experience.”

Stuart Middleton, Commercial Director at Skyscanner commented, “As the
world’s leading travel search engine, Skyscanner is the first comparison point
for over 50 million monthly travellers and we’re always looking for new ways to
create a more seamless user experience that ultimately boosts conversion for
our partners. Our industry-leading Direct Booking platform offers a frictionless
experience for travellers and enhanced results for carriers. We are confident
that the latest integration of the Amadeus Altéa NDC will ensure that we stay
ahead of the curve and continue to open up new and deeper partnership
opportunities with airlines moving forward.”

Manuel Midon, Head of Airlines in Northern & Western EU for Amadeus
says, “As a technology provider for the travel industry, our aim is to provide
innovative tools that meet the needs of airlines and travel sellers so they can
collaborate more closely to improve the shopping experience for travellers
through all channels. Amadeus Altéa NDC is the latest addition to Amadeus’
range of IT solutions for the real-time distribution of fares and ancillaries,
as well as an additional option within our existing portfolio for airlines and
meta-search players wishing to implement assisted bookings flows.”

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