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Will Tajik Air be declared bankrupt?

The state air carrier Tajik Air has actually suspended its main activity: the airline does not operate its flights to all destinations. Experts expect the air company to be declared bankrupt with its subsequent transfer to private hands.

AeroTelegraph: Eighth oldest airline in the world ceases to operate

The 94-year-old Tajik Air has ceased its operations. The air carrier plans to restore its flights, but this is considered unlikely, AeroTelegraph writes the publication.

Dushanbe, Kiev discuss restoring air traffic

Charge d’Affaires ad interim of Ukraine in Tajikistan Viktor Semenov met with the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency at the Government of Tajikistan Ikrom Subkhonzoda.

Tajik national air carrier’s staff members reportedly sent on leave without pay, all flights suspended

Tajik national air carrier Tajik Air has reportedly sent its staff members on leave without pay.  At the same time, the company denies rumors that its staff members have allegedly not received salaries for several months as baseless.

Tajik Air transfers its passengers to Somon Air

Somon Air, a private air carrier in Tajikistan, will serve the passengers of the national airline of Tajikistan Tajik Air until the end of the current autumn-winter air navigation season, the press service of the Tajik airline said today.

Tajik Air cancels all its flights until January 5th due to unprofitability

Tajik Air announced a temporary suspension of its flights to some destinations.

Tajik national air carrier reportedly forced to make changes to its flight schedule

Tajik national air carrier Tajik Air has reportedly been forced to make changes to its January flight schedule for commercial reasons (unprofitability of some flights).

Russian Nordwind Airlines launched flights to Tajikistan

The international airport in Bokhtar (Kurgan-Tube) located in the south of Tajikistan has been closed since 2017 and now, it has resumed its operation. On December 27, 2018 the Boeing plane of the Russia’s Nordwind Airlines delivered its first passengers to the Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Saint-Petersburg – Dushanbe flight delayed by six hours

Flight No. B752 en route St. Petersburg, Russia – Dushanbe, Tajikistan, is delayed by 5 hours and 45 minutes on December 29, 2018. Information about this appeared on the electronic flight schedule of the Saint-Petersburg’s Pulkovo International Airport.

Citizens of Tajikistan fly to Russia by Kyrgyz airlines because of high airfares offering by Tajik air carriers

Airlines of Tajikistan raised their prices for air tickets to Russia by 23% this year, the Statistics Agency under the President of Tajikistan informs.