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Turkmenistan Airlines announces the launch of online air ticket sales. One fails to buy a ticket

Turkmenistan Airlines jointly with the Turkmen Post Office launched an online service for booking and purchasing airline tickets for domestic flights on the airline’s website, the Turkmen ‘golden age’ website reported on December 4, 2018.

Air ticket booking and sale online service is launched

Air tickets for local flights are available now on the internet. General Air Agency of Turkmenhowayollary (Turkmenistan Airlines) Service and the State Postal Company have launched online service for booking and sale of air tickets on Turkmenistan Airlines website.

Passengers did not get on their flight at Ashgabat International Airport because of the Turkmen President’s trip

Suddenly, check-in for flights departing to Frankfurt and Paris was unexpectedly interrupted at the airport in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan; as a result, some of the passengers were not able to get on the plane that departed before the schedule. This information was reported by a source from Azatlyk Radio, referring to the passengers of these flights.

“Conversation” organized with passengers at Ashgabat International Airport before their flight to Istanbul

Passengers departing from Ashgabat to Istanbul on October 10th faced an unexpected situation. Airport security officers organized an unusual conversation with them, several passengers of the flight number 921 flying en route Ashgabat – Istanbul told Azatlyk. The flight was scheduled to depart from Ashgabat International Airport at 06:40 pm local time.

Family with young children removed from flight without explanation at Ashgabat International Airport

The authorities of Turkmenistan continue to prevent citizens from leaving the country, sometimes whole families are banned. Frequently, passengers taken off flights are not explained.

Cargolux airplanes use a reduced fare since October 1, 2018 when refueling at Turkmen airports

Turkmenistan is expanding its cooperation, as regards transit traffic with airlines that use the country’s airports for technical and commercial flights.

Turkmen President’s plane makes unofficial flight to Germany for the second time this week

The Boeing 737 of the President of Turkmenistan flew to Germany for the second time in four days.

Turkmen President’s plane makes its secret flight to Germany once again

On October 14, 2018 the Turkmen President’s Boeing 737 plane secretly flew to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, once again, as it arrived in this German city at 05:42 pm local time. At 06:50 pm, the plane flew back.

Civil aviation sector of Turkmenistan makes steep peak

In recent years, the civil aviation sector of Turkmenistan has become an exhibition of the stupidity and helplessness of the Turkmen rulers.

Turkmenistan has no air tickets until end of January 2019

In Turkmenistan, the shortage of air tickets has become aggravated; in the usual manner, it is impossible to buy air tickets for flights until January 2019, Azatlyk Radio reported on October 9, 2018.