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Turkmenistan Airlines intends to order one Boeing 777-200LR – ADDITION

Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Turkmenistan Airlines, the national carrier of Turkmenistan, announced the airline’s plan to extend its long-haul operations by adding a fourth 777-200LR (Long Range) airplane to its fleet.

Turkmenistan Airlines to buy its fourth long-haul Boeing 777

The Turkmen state air carrier will purchase another, already the fourth long-haul Boeing 777-200LR worth US $ 346.9 million, according to the Air Transport World.

Turkmenistan Airlines to launch its third Ashgabat – Kazan flight frequency

Starting from July 3, 2019 Turkmenistan Airlines will introduce its third flight frequency en route Ashgabat, Turkmenistan – Kazan, Russia – Ashgabat in addition to the current two flights per week operating on Fridays and Sundays. The third flight will fly on Wednesdays, according to the Aviaport edition, Russia.

Turkmenistan Airlines EASA compliance audit to be held in August

On June 13, 2019 the news outlet Aviationpros reported that since February 2019 Turkmenistan Airlines has been committed to raising their performance to meet relevant EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) requirements.

Information about resumption of flights to EU disappears from Turkmenistan Airlines’ website

Information on resuming flights to European countries has been removed from the official website of Turkmenistan Airlines.

Turkmenistan Airlines returns its air ticket prices to previous level

The Turkmenistan Airlines’ airline ticket sales offices have once again posted their price tags with the old prices for air tickets for international flights, Chronicles of Turkmenistan (CoT) informs. There are no air tickets for the coming months, however. According to, all air tickets have been sold out until October 2019.

Turkmenistan: Airfare remaines the same, but air tickets are not available for several months ahead

Over the past few days, the network has been spreading information about a twofold increase in prices for air tickets for international flights operating by Turkmenistan Airlines. Moreover, allegedly official orders and tariffs circulating on websites and social networks do not have any seals of state bodies or signatures of responsible persons, and there are spelling errors in the spelling.

The command staff of Turkmenistan’s civil aviation sector trained at Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTU СA)

The Institute for Advanced Studies and Personnel Certification under the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTU CA) conducted training for Turkmenhowayollary Agency (Turkmenistan Airlines) of the Ministry of Industry and Communications, Turkmenistan, according to MSTU CA.

Turkmenistan Airlines to resume its flights to EU countries since June 1, 2019

According to Azatlyk Radio and citing the Turkmenistan Airlines’ official website, the planes of this air carrier will resume its flights to the EU countries after a four-month pause since June 1, 2019.

List of updated prices for Turkmenistan Airlines’ international flights

The Chronicle of Turkmenistan has received a new price list for international flights of Turkmenistan Airlines.