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SKYPRO to take part in Uzbekistan Airports, Aviation & Logistics Forum

SKYPRO will participate in the Uzbekistan Airports, Aviation & Logistics Forum (UAALF-2020), as this is the first international aviation forum in Uzbekistan.

New airport in Uzbekistan’s Samarkand to be able to take seven times more flights than now

The airport under construction in Samarkand, Uzbekistan will increase the number of flights by seven times. If today the international airport is designed for 40 flights per week, the new airport facilities will allow serving the same number of flights per day, according to

Serial production of IL-114 aircraft launched in Russia, as Uzbekistan abandoned producing them

A mass production of the first Il-114-300 aircraft’s fuselage compartments launched in Russia at the production site of the Sokol Aircraft Plant, reports with reference to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

At first it went well, but then the pace subsided – CEO of Uzbekistan Airports on creating private low-cost airlines

The CEO of Uzbekistan Airports Ravshan Ismailov commented on the situation with private air companies named SilkJet and Qanot Sharq, which planned to organize private low-cost airlines in Uzbekistan, according to

Declared demonopolization of the Uzbek aviation industry has not occurred

The other day, during a press conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan the CEO of Uzbekistan Airports Ravshan Ismoilov commented on the situation with SilkJet and Qanot Sharq, which planned to create private low-cost airlines in Uzbekistan. According to him, they started well, but then their interest subsided.

Uzbekistan may cede air transportation market in region to Kazakhstan

Without an increase in the fleet, Uzbekistan could cede the air transportation market to Kazakhstan in the region, the Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov announced during the Uzbekistan Airports, Aviation & Logistics Forum (UAALF-2020) international aviation forum in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

Uzbek authorities turn to partners and competitors in civil aviation market

Vice Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov and Minister of Transport Elyor Ganiev said that Uzbekistan has unique potential to develop the civil aviation sector. This causes fair concerns among competitors and potential partners, reported.

Uzbekistan Airways presents new uniform for pilots and cabin crew

Since February 14, 2020, Uzbekistan Airways is switching to a new uniform for pilots and cabin crew, reported.

Uzbekistan announces 20% reduction in cost of servicing foreign airlines. Jet fuel prices to be controlled as well

Uzbekistan plans to reduce the cost of servicing foreign airlines by at least 20%, reports referring to Uzbek Transport Minister Elyor Ganiev.

Humo Air to be engaged in air transportation not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout Central Asia

The new Uzbek airline named Humo Air will be engaged not only in operating domestic flights, but also in flights to other Central Asian countries, reports with reference to Uzbek Minister of Transport Elyor Ganiev.