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Boeing becomes interested in a train-plane concept

The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing has interested in the idea of ​​a train-plane called “Link & Fly”.

The World Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day is celebrated on July 12th

Annually on July 12th, the flight attendants of civil aviation celebrate their professional holiday. The profession of flight attendants is over 80 years old. It is believed that the flight attendant profession appeared in Germany in 1928, when a special person, the steward, was taken aboard the aircraft, whose duties included providing the service during the flight.

Tourists buy their flights to Tajikistan spontaneously

The Service found out to which countries tourists do not go spontaneously and buy their air tickets a few months in advance, RIA Novosti reported.

Boeing to showcase the future of aerospace at Farnborough International Airshow

Boeing (NYSE: BA) today announced its plans to reveal the exciting future of air and space travel at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow, which takes place July 16-22. From hypersonic travel to the future of autonomous flight to manned space flight, Boeing will visually present the innovations that will revolutionize the way humans travel around the world and into space.

Airbus: nearly 37,400 new aircraft valued at US$5.8 trillion required over 20 years

The world’s passenger fleet will more than double to 48,000 aircraft in 20 years with traffic growing at a resilient 4.4% per year, driving a need for 37,390 new passenger and freighter aircraft according to Airbus’ new Global Market Forecast 2018-2037.

Optimism comes to the business aviation market

“70% of 450 business operators in the JetNet iQ Q2 2018 survey believe that the current market cycle has pushed off from the bottom,” said Managing Director Rollie Vincent at the annual JetNet IQ Summit in White Plains, New York.

Airbus delivered 303 new commercial aircraft to its customers in Jan-Jun 2018

As of June 30, 2018, Airbus, the European aircraft building concern, has registered its firm orders for 206 commercial aircraft, according to the company’s materials.

Boeing, Embraer agree to form joint venture to produce passenger aircraft

On Thursday, July 4, the most important event occurred in the civil aviation market over the past few years: Boeing signed an agreement to establish a joint venture with Brazilian Embraer in the civil aviation sector, Kommersant writes.

Bombardier delivered 19 business jets to its customers in June 2018

According to BizavNews, Bombardier Business Aircraft, a subsidiary of the production of Bombardier business aircraft, delivered 19 business jets to its customers in June 2018.

The first airshow in Saudi Arabia

For the first time, the international airshow will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on March 12-14, 2019 based upon the Saudi Air Club, according to Adone Events, France, as this French company received the right to conduct it.