Flight to the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, launched for the first time in history of Kiev International Airport

On September 12, 2017, presentation of a new Azerbaijani airline company, Buta Airways, and its new flight en route Baku, Azerbaijan – Kiev, Ukraine – Baku was held at the Kiev International Airport, Ukraine. The plane, on board of which the Air Company’s leadership and Azerbaijani journalists flew to Kiev, was greeted with a water salute in the Ukrainian capital city’s airport.

Buta Airways, the subsidiary of Azerbaijan Airlines, was established in 2016, is based at the Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport.. The bright livery of the airline’s airplanes depicts the mythological sacred Simurg bird in the style of the Azerbaijani Buta ornament.

Buta Airways’ flights are operated twice a week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, on a new Embraer 190 aircraft, in October 2017, a third flight frequency on Fridays will be added, and later, the flight to the capital of Azerbaijan will be operated daily. The airplane is an economy-class arrangement with 106 seats, there are also comfort seats with a large space for legs.

“The air ticket price comes to EUR 29+ one way, the price includes the transportation of hand luggage with its total size of 75 cm. For additional baggage, you will have to pay EUR 20. In the near future, the airline will offer its passengers with an Optimum tariff, which provides for the transportation of hand luggage and baggage. We differ from a classic low-cost airline because passengers are fed on our flights,, as this service is not characteristic for low-cost air companies. Passengers are offered with some water and sandwiches, and you can additionally buy some food on board at the Duty Free shop,” commented Jamil Manizade, Director, Buta Airways.

Alexei Yakovets, CEO, Master-Avia Company, Ukraine, said, “In Ukraine, five low-cost airlines fly, and they all fly from the Kiev International Airport, namely Pegasus (a flight to Ankara, Turkey), Vueling (flights to Barcelona and Rome), flydubai (Dubai), Wizz Air Hungary (21 European destinations) and now, Buta Airways has come with its flights to Baku. In December, Ernest Airlines, Italian low-cost air carrier, will come with its flights to Milan and Naples. You can fly to the Kiev International Airport by airplane of one airline from the east and fly to the European destination with another low-cost air company.”

Oleg Petrovsky, Deputy Director General, Kiev International Airport, added, “The arrival of the Azerbaijani airline is the result of five-year talks, during which not only much has changed, but a new airline, Buta Airways, has been created.”

Source – http://iev.aero/

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