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10/08/2017 14:56
Airports of Georgia: passenger traffic increased by almost 50% in 2017
27/07/2017 19:26
Boeing reports strong second-quarter results; raises EPS and cash flow guidance
27/07/2017 19:05
Airbus reduces its net profit by 34% in the Q2 2017

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16/08/2017 18:19
Flight safety issues discussed with airlines in Kazakhstan
02/08/2017 09:05
Dushanbe – Tashkent flight: to be or not to be?
11/07/2017 22:43
Peter Foster: “We do not get any subsidies or guarantees from either the state or the shareholders”

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27/07/2017 14:35 Kazakhstan

New application to simplify receipt of compensation for flight delays

Kazakhstan plans to implement the AirHelp Information Project, which should simplify the process of obtaining cash compensation for delays and cancellations of flights, the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan, reported with reference to the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan.

26/07/2017 17:51 Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Air Navigation Agency’s expenses on productive indicators increased by 35.64% for H1 2017

Картинки по запросу Кыргызаэронавигация фото

According to the results of financial and production activities for the H1 2017, the revenues of the Kyrgyz Air Navigation Agency, as a state enterprise, increased by 25% by production indicators, as compared to the same period of 2016. This information was provided in the documents provided by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport and Roads.

26/07/2017 16:47 Kazakhstan

Launch of Astana – Chelyabinsk direct flights discussed in Astana

Yesterday, the Mayor of Astana met with the Governor of the Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region. The parties discussed prospects for cooperation between the regions, the official website of the Astana Mayor’s Office reported.

26/07/2017 16:38 Kazakhstan

Drunken pilot of Air Astana fired

Air Astana has told about the status of pilot Sultan Nurmaganbetov, who was drunk on a flight from Amsterdam, Kazinform correspondent reports.

26/07/2017 15:37 Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan intends to purchase two Su-30SMs and four Mi-35Ms from Russia

Kazakhstan has plans to purchase two Su-30SM frontal fighters and four Mi-35M helicopters from Russia in 2017, the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan reported on Wednesday, according to the TASS News Agency, Russia.

26/07/2017 14:56 World news

Qatar Airways reaffirmed the title of the safest airline in the world


Qatar Airways has achieved 100 per cent compliance in the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), verifying its status as one of the world’s safest and most secure airlines. This test once again confirmed the status of the airline as one of the safest air carriers in the world.

26/07/2017 10:24 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, EU agree on main part of draft agreement “On Common Airspace”

Azerbaijan and the EU agreed for the most part on the draft agreement “On Common Airspace”, Fuad Iskenderov, head of the Azerbaijani representation to the EU and Ambassador to Belgium, said in an interview with Trend.

25/07/2017 17:37 World news

Boeing Global Services forecasts 1.2 million pilots and technicians needed by 2036

20 year demand for cabin crew exceeds 800,000.

25/07/2017 17:12 Azerbaijan

Buta Airways launches Baku – Tbilisi new air route

Buta Airways photos

Buta Airways (BTA Airways), a recently created new low cost airline fromAzerbaijan, which is a subsidiary low-tariff airline of the Azerbaijan Airlines holding named AZAL, will launch its Baku, AzerbaijanTbilisi, Georgia, flight on September 01, 2017.

25/07/2017 16:37 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan to independently train pilots for its air company – ADDED

Uzbekistan Airways will start to independently train its own civil aviation pilots for the first time, as this measure is provided by the decree issued by the Government of Uzbekistan.

25/07/2017 14:49 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to establish cargo air service to China’s Guangzhou

Uzbekistan Airways is working towards launching a new freight destination to the airport in Guangzhou, China.

25/07/2017 14:35 Kazakhstan

New airport building in Astana served 227 thousand passengers

Картинки по запросу новый терминал аэропорта астаны

In full, the new metropolitan terminal building of the airport has been functioning since June 2017.

25/07/2017 14:24 Kazakhstan

SCAT delays 900 flights since the beginning of summer – CAC

Due to frequent requests of passengers concerning airline service, Civil Aviation Committee held a meeting with representatives of all airlines operating international flights to Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport.

24/07/2017 17:39 World news

MAKS-2017 Airshow results summarized

MAKS-2017, the 13th  International Aviation and Space Airshow, completed its work. In terms of the scale of the exhibition and business program, the volume of transactions and the number of visitors, the salon surpassed the indicators of 2015. The growth of the talks activity was facilitated by holding business briefings and meetings, conducted on the MatchMaking system. This is reported by the Organizing Committee of this Airshow.

24/07/2017 16:09 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways introduces additional flights to Russia’s Kazan

Uzbekistan Airways will be operating additional flights en route Tashkent, UzbekistanKazan,Tatarstan, Russia.

24/07/2017 16:03 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways to train pilots in Uzbekistan for the first time

НАК «Узбекистон хаво йуллари» впервые в Узбекистане будет готовить пилотов

Uzbekistan Airways will conduct training courses for civil aviation pilots.

24/07/2017 15:24 Kazakhstan

Single-engine aircraft force-landed in Zhambyl region

Самолет Тecnam-P 2002. Иллюстративное фото с сайта

A single-engine plane made an emergency landing in Zhambyl region, Kazinform reports.

24/07/2017 15:16 Kazakhstan

Civil Aviation Committee plans to tighten punishment for use of illegal substances by aircraft crews

On its Facebook page, the Civil Aviation Committee (CAC), Kazakhstan, commented on the facts of detecting the use of prohibited substances by the crew and the responsibility measures.

24/07/2017 14:27 Georgia

Kutaisi International Airport to be able to serve more passengers

Картинки по запросу Kutaisi airport photos

After the expansion of the terminal building, the Kutaisi International Airportnamed after David The Builder will be able to simultaneously serve more flights, Georgian Prime Minister George Kvirikashvili said at a Government meeting.

22/07/2017 15:55 Tajikistan

Passenger of Dushanbe – Moscow flight smuggles 2.5 million Russian rubles


An attempt to smuggle 2.5 million Russian rubles from Tajikistan to Russiawas suppressed by customs officials at the airport in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

22/07/2017 15:38 Kazakhstan

Air Astana comments on drunk pilot incident

Air Astana conducts an internal investigation over the blood alcohol level of one of the pilots, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

22/07/2017 15:29 Azerbaijan

Buta Airways air tickets to Istanbul and St. Petersburg are now available

Air tickets for the period of winter flight schedule (from October 29 to March 29) are now available on the official website of low-cost airline Buta Airways. In the winter schedule, one can book air tickets for flights from Baku to Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen Airport) and St. Petersburg, as well as from Ganja to Moscow(Vnukovo Airport).

21/07/2017 15:03 Kazakhstan

National Chamber of Entrepreneurs offers to increase the number of low-cost air companies in Kazakhstan

India Among 'Costliest, Toughest Markets,' Airlines Are Warned

Yulia Yakupbaeva, Deputy Chairperson of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, said it was necessary to increase the number of low-cost air carriers in Kazakhstan, according to

21/07/2017 12:54 Kazakhstan

How much does it cost to fly to Alakol?

From now on, tourists can get to Alakol, Kazakhstan, by plane, reports. On July 21, 2017, one presented the first domestic flights from Kazakhstan’s Taldykorgan and Astana. The cost of one-way air tickets for the Taldykorgan – Usharal flight is KZT 8,000 and Astana – Usharal – KZT 16,000.

21/07/2017 10:46 World news

UAC offers Superjet 100 to the military to replace Tu-134s and An-148s

According to the TASS News Agency, Russia, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) offers Superjet 100 to replace Tu-134 and An-148 transport aircraft of the Ministry of Defense, Russia, Yuri Slyusar, the head of the United Aircraft Corporation, told journalists on Wednesday.

21/07/2017 10:38 Kyrgyzstan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan: Tashkent – Issyk-Kul flight is popular

The Tashkent, UzbekistanTamchy,Kyrgyzstan, flight is popular among the population of Uzbekistanand Kyrgyzstan, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Anvar Nasyrov told the Kabar News Agency,Kyrgyzstan, as he took part in the Altai Civilization and Related Peoples of the Altai Language Family International Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

21/07/2017 09:50 Kazakhstan

Transportation of air passengers in Kazakhstan increased by 18.7% in H1 2017

3.2 million people have been transported by air in Kazakhstan for six months 2017, which is by 18.7% or 500,000 more than in January-June 2016, according to the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan.

21/07/2017 08:59 Kazakhstan

Omsk – Astana flight has been operated for five years


On July 18, 2017 the airport building of the Omsk International Airport organized a solemn check-in of passengers for the Omsk, RussiaAstana, Kazakhstan, flight, carried out by the Kazakhstan’s flag air carrier Air Astana. The event was devoted to the fifth anniversary since the start of the Astana – Omskflight operations.

20/07/2017 18:08 World news

ICAO Council President urges cooperation towards harmonized airspace management for unmanned aircraft

Opening the ICAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Symposium in Abuja yesterday, ICAO Council President Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu stressed the importance of a globally coherent regulatory framework for the management of unmanned air traffic.

20/07/2017 17:00 World news

Passenger plane flying to Iraq changed its air route because of heat

An Airbus A-320 passenger airplane belonged to Lufthansa Airlines, which was flying en route Frankfurt, Germany - Erbil, Iraq, has interrupted its flight due to excessive heat at the destination city, Hessenschau reported.

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