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22/06/2017 16:59
Boeing deal values double Airbus at Paris Air Show
06/06/2017 18:46
IATA raises forecasts for airlines’ profits
23/05/2017 17:35
Exit the EU’s “black list”. Is it unrealizable dream?

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09/06/2017 17:13
‘High-flying’ cuisine: how we are fed on board an aircraft?
02/06/2017 17:10
Low-cost air company. How not to go broken in your desire to save some money?
16/05/2017 18:15
Why Tajik planes force to refuel abroad?

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18/05/2017 17:59 Partner's news

Creating a rich and engaging online shopping experience for Air Dolomiti with Amadeus technology

Air Dolomiti, part of the Lufthansa group, renews e-Retail contract and signs for Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services to increase merchandising revenue.

18/05/2017 17:32 Uzbekistan

Ministry of Transport explains why Tajik aircraft do not fly to Tashkent

The carrying capacity of the flight en route Tashkent, UzbekistanDushanbe,TajikistanTashkent, carried out by Uzbekistan Airways twice a week, is no more than 50 percent. Because of this, Somon Air, Tajikistan, is in no hurry to launch its flight to the Uzbek capital. This is how the Tajik Ministry of Transport explains the reason why Tajik planes still do not fly to Tashkent.

18/05/2017 17:11 Tajikistan

Russia’s Yamal Airlines expected to start operating flights to Tajikistan from July 1

Russia’s Yamal Airlines is expected to start operating flights to Tajikistan from Zhukovsky Airport from July 1, 2017.

18/05/2017 16:55 World news

Dutch King Willem-Alexander reveals secret flights as co-pilot

Картинки по запросу король нидерландов фото

For 21 years, the king of the Netherlandshas flown twice a month as co-pilot while his passengers were in the dark, he has told a Dutch newspaper, BBC reported. 

18/05/2017 16:43 Kyrgyzstan

13 Kyrgyz airlines still in EU blacklist

The European Commission has published a new list of air carriers, which are prohibited from flying to Europe. This year, it includes 181 airlines from 16 countries, including Kyrgyzstan. This information is published on the website of the European Commission.

18/05/2017 15:55 Kyrgyzstan

All airports of Kyrgyzstan served over one million passengers for four months of 2017

The Manas International Airport OJSC, which owns all airports in Kyrgyzstan  served 1,042,320 passengers Jan-Apr 2017. Of these, 405,105 people were carried on domestic airlines and 637,215 on international flights.

18/05/2017 15:34 Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways starts operating its Tashkent – Riga – New York – Tashkent flight on Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) will operate its first flight en route TashkentRigaNew YorkTashkent on Boeing 787 Dreamliner on May 18, 2017. 

18/05/2017 15:05 Kazakhstan

Police detains Bek Air aircraft in Astana International Airport


The plane belonged to Bek Air, Kazakhstan’s regional air carrier, has been detained by law enforcement officers and the transport prosecutor’s office at the Astana International Airport, Nurlan Zhumasultanov, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Bek Air,  informed According to him, the aircraft was detained because of the investigation of the criminal case under the article “Violation of Traffic Safety Rules or Operation of Railway, Air, Sea or River Transport”.

18/05/2017 15:02 Kazakhstan

Over 100 people can not fly from Almaty to Atyrau by Bek Air plane

108 people have been unable to fly from Almaty to Atyrau for several hours, the passengers of the flight operated by the Kazakhstan’s regional Bek Air informed a reporter.

18/05/2017 14:17 Tajikistan

Yamal Airlines to start its flights from Zhukovsky to Tajikistan from July 1st


Ilya Lebedev, Deputy Commercial Director, Yamal Airlines, Russia, said that the air company will begin its flights from Russia’s Zhukovsky Airportto Tajikistan’s Dushanbe and Khujand from July 1, 2017.

17/05/2017 17:57 Kazakhstan

Bek Air flies to Afghanistan’s Kabul

On April 29, 2017, Bek Air, the regional Kazakh airline, officially launched its new destination en route Almaty, KazakhstanKabul, Afghanistan– Almaty.

17/05/2017 17:42 Kazakhstan

Air Astana resumes Astana – Kiev regular flight

The Kazakhstan’s flag air carrier, Air Astana, will resume its regular flight en route Astana, KazakhstanKiev, Ukraine, since June 1, 2017. Flights will be operated five times a week.

17/05/2017 17:03 World news

Airbus Helicopters rolls out 700th H130

Airbus Helicopters celebrated a major milestone last week with the roll-out of the 700th H130 light single-engine helicopter, which will be operated by a private customer. The H130 fleet has so far accumulated more than 1.8M flight hours with 340 operators worldwide. Since entry into service of the first EC130 in 2001, this light single engine helicopter has continued to evolve to better respond to customer’s expectations, with the latest H130 variant being certified in 2012.

17/05/2017 16:43 World news

Bombardier reports its Q1 2017 results

According to the Bombardier Inc. quarterly report, in Q1 2017, the deliveries of the Bombardier Business Aircraft division fell by two planes, as compared to last year, down to 29 aircraft. At the same time, the manufacturer’s income fell by almost 30% due to the “unfavourable structure of supply”, as in Q1 2017, one has delivered more business jets of the Learjet family and less expensive Global ones.

17/05/2017 15:51 Tajikistan

China Southern Airlines holds presentation in Dushanbe

Chinese air carrier, China Southern Airlines, has held presentation in Dushanbe.

17/05/2017 14:35 Kyrgyzstan

Osh – Moscow aircraft makes emergency landing in Russia’s Orenburg


The aircraft belonged to Globus Airlines, Russia, was flying from Osh, Kyrgyzstan, to Moscow,. Russia, and  made an emergency landing at the airport in Orenburg at around 10:00 am local time due to the poor health of one of the passengers.

17/05/2017 14:20 Kazakhstan

SCAT Airlines to fly to Saudi Arabia

SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, has received permission for regular flights to Saudi Arabia, the Minister of Industry and Development of Kazakhstan Zhenis Kassymbek reported on his Facebook page, according to Sputnik.

16/05/2017 18:29 Kazakhstan

Air Astana flight delayed at Beijing airport

Air Astana’s flight has been delayed at Beijingairport, China, according to Kazinform.

16/05/2017 17:21 Kyrgyzstan

Air Manas audited for compliance with IOSA standards

“To fly is a right for everyone” – this opinion firmly adheres to Air Manas air carrier, Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, you need to fly safely, which is certainly more important, because human life is more valuable than any bright business strategies and sonorous statements.

16/05/2017 16:24 World news

Solar-powered plane tested in Switzerland for flight into stratosphere

Картинки по запросу Одномоторный самолет SolarStratos

The solar-powered plane aimed at reaching the stratosphere made an initial low-altitude test flight over Swiss town of Payern on May 5. The test flight lasted six minutes, according to the Swiss Telegraph Agency (ATS), reports with reference to TASS.

16/05/2017 15:53 Azerbaijan

Tree Planting Campaign held at Heydar Aliyev International Airport

On May 15, the first stage of a large-scale campaign of Azerbaijan Airlines to plant a tree for each flight ticket sold, was held at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

16/05/2017 15:11 Kazakhstan

National Bureau investigates case against CAC employees because of possible sale of aircraft to Syria

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Kazakhstan, is conducting its pre-trial investigation against officials of the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstanand other persons, as regards possible sale of two planes to Syria, according to

16/05/2017 14:57 Kazakhstan

SCAT Airlines launches three new flights from Astana

This summer, SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, will launch three new flights at once. From now on, residents and guests of Astana have convenient direct flights to the capital of Armenia- Yerevan, as well as the well-known health resort of the Krasnodar Area – Mineral Waters.

16/05/2017 14:24 Georgia

ANDA Air to increase flights to Georgia

Картинки по запросу Anda air photos

Ukrainian ANDA Air begins chartered flights between Kievand Krivoy Rog and Georgia’s seaside town of Batumithis summer.

16/05/2017 14:08 Georgia

New flight to link Crete with Georgia

Aegean Airlines, Greece, will start operating its charter flights en route Heraklion – Tbilisi – Heraklion in the summer air navigation season.

15/05/2017 17:56 Georgia

Georgian Airways announces on beginning new stage for air company development

The management of Airzena – Georgian Airways has announced on beginning a new stage of development of this Georgian airline. Currently, Airzena is updating its fleet. In addition, the airline informed about the appointment of several new direct flights from Georgia’sTbilisi.

15/05/2017 17:07 World news

Travel + Leisure names the best airlines in the world

Singapore Airlines has become the best one in the world according to the magazine Travel + Leisure and received the Best Awards from this publication. A rating of ten air carriers is published on the journal’s website.

15/05/2017 16:06 Kazakhstan

“Frozen” construction commented at Almaty International Airport

There are still two unfinished objects on the territory of Almaty InternationalAirport, according to  Kazinform News Agency.

15/05/2017 15:52 Kazakhstan

Prices for public catering at Almaty International Airport still high

The management of Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan, can not affect prices in outlets of this airport, according to Kazinform News Agency.

15/05/2017 15:05 Georgia

Sochi residents can get to Georgia by direct flight

On June 2, 2017 the first direct flight will fly en route TbilisiSochi, an Autorodina portal reported with reference to the air carrier.

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