How many passengers did Astana International Airport serve during EXPO – 2017?

The Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan, announced the increase in air travel during EXPO – 2017, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

“During the EXPO-2017, the growth of air passenger traffic on domestic air routes amounted to 88%, international one – 30%. During this international exhibition, the total number of passengers served at Astana International Airport came to about 1.5 million people. Of these, 830,000 passengers were served on domestic air routes and over 600,000 people – by international traffic including the number of arriving and departing passengers,” the Committee said in its statement posted on the official website of the Civil Aviation Agency in Facebook.

According to Air Astana, as an official air carrier of the EXPO – 2017, the highest passenger load on weekends and holidays for the whole period was observed on the following air routes: Astana – Almaty (up to 90%), Astana – Atyrau (86%) and Astana – Shymkent (up to 80%). Also, during the three-month work of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO – 2017 lasting from June 10th though September 9, 2017, there has been an increase in the air passenger traffic capacities on such international destinations, as Astana – Kiev (28% increase), Astana – Moscow (28%), Astana – Istanbul (23%) and Astana – Paris (21%).

The Civil Aviation Committee noted that, during the Jun – Sep 2017 period, about 440 thousand inhabitants of the regions arrived in Astana by means of domestic flights served by Kazakh air carriers. The growth of air passenger traffic along domestic air routes has amounted 88% for the entire period of the EXPO-2017, in comparison with the same period in 2016.

The total number of the passengers who arrived in Astana on international flights amounted to over 300 thousand people, the same number flew back. In general, the average load on international air routes was 75%, as compared to the same period in 2016. The passenger traffic was about 200 thousand people, an increase was by 30%.

During the EXPO-2017, the “open skies” mode had been introduced. All foreign air carriers had the right to fly to Astana by operating up to seven flights a week.

“19 airlines operated their international flights from Astana. Of these, there were 17 foreign and two Kazakh air carriers flying on 29 international air routes. In order to attract additional flights to Kazakhstan, the relevant agreements have been concluded that grant the right for air carriers from Poland, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Greece, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, Canada, Spain, Israel, Hungary and Finland to fly to Astana, Kazakhstan, every day. Since June 2017, 10  new international air routes have been launched, including the fact that foreign air carriers have started flying to Warsaw, Budapest, Helsinki, Beijing and Batumi. The Kazakh airlines operated their flights to such destinations, as Xi’an, Kiev, Mineral Waters, Yerevan and New Delhi. At the same time, 20 flights a week were added to the current 11 destinations to Bishkek, Istanbul, Beijing, London, Seoul, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, St. Petersburg, Tashkent and Tbilisi,” the Civil Aviation Committee said.

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