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Air Manas audited for compliance with IOSA standards

16/05/2017 17:21

“To fly is a right for everyone” – this opinion firmly adheres to Air Manas air carrier, Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, you need to fly safely, which is certainly more important, because human life is more valuable than any bright business strategies and sonorous statements.

In an effort to make air transportation not only economically accessible and profitable, but also in line with the most advanced international standards in ensuring flight safety, Air Manas has undergone an international audit of IATA (IATA Operational Safety Audit – IOSA). The international auditors have checked the compliance of Air Manas production processes with applicable standards and recommended practices of IATA (International Air Transportation Association).

So what’s the special feature of IOSA for an air carrier?

IOSA is an internationally recognized program for evaluating the internal operational control and flight control systems of any airline. Simply saying it, this audit is an independent assessment and a comprehensive check of the air carrier’s operations, in particular, the appropriate documentation, practical implementation and implementation of more than 950 standards and recommended practices of IATA in eight areas of production, namely general organizational management and control, flight operations, flight control, dispatching service, operation and engineering maintenance of aircraft, airborne services, ground services, survival, transportation of goods and ensuring aviation security. This is not a simple desk study, but a real practical and visual test of the carrier's compliance with international safety standards.

As noted by Talgat Nurbayev, Director General, Air Manas: “The passage of IOSA indicates a high level of development of the airline in terms of the quality of service provision and, of course, is an indicator of flight safety. The recognition of safe operations at the international level guarantees an entirely different status of the air carrier both on the domestic and international markets. Not all air carriers have an IOSA audit procedure, this is a long and time-consuming process that requires lots of finances and labour investments. This is a real test of strength, team cohesion, seriousness and long-term intentions, as well as a responsible commitment to continue to maintain a given high level of flight safety, not on a case-by-case basis, but constantly, every day – after all, it is not a one-time thing. It needs to be held in every two years”.

Indeed, the IOSA program is the best practice in the global aviation industry, declaring its superiority and superiority in the application of systematic and systematic. Based on the system approach methods, the IOSA program provides an opportunity to conduct applied safety monitoring and analysis and, mainly, to unite the structures and divisions of the company, which is critical for comprehensive safety management both inside the company and in joint activity with its suppliers, contractors and partners.

Provision is made for a feedback system that allows timely corrective actions to eliminate identified deficiencies and prevent their systemic manifestation. In addition, IOSA standards require high attention to detailing processes and minimizing risks from human factors. Literally, the actions of each participant in the flight operations are described to the smallest detail, which allows us to speak about a detailed technology for ensuring the safety of flight operations.

Meanwhile, IOSA has helped more than 400 airlines worldwide not only to improve their operational safety, but also improve financial and commercial performance. In particular, through the conclusion of agreements for joint flights with other airlines, it is possible to increase the flow and turnover of passengers, as well as the air route network. At the same time, the number of necessary bilateral audits is reduced, because the partners must be confident in each other and that their passengers transferred to another carrier will be delivered to their destination intact and safe, in accordance with a given level of security and service.

Undoubtedly, the successful passage of IOSA certification also gives the commercial advantage of significantly increasing the route network of transportation, which is extremely important for stable and sustainable development of the company. In addition, market opportunities for updating the aircraft fleet are expanding, aircraft leasing and insurance costs are significantly reduced, and in the end, the potential for mutually beneficial pricing policy is being updated.

And, perhaps, the most important factor is the successful certification of IOSA will be another significant step towards the withdrawal of domestic air carriers from the so-called "black list" of the European Union, which is undoubtedly the catalyst for great changes for the better in the life of the whole country. Thus, not only the airline and the country as a whole, but in particular, its ordinary resident - a passenger who can afford an economically profitable and safe flight, benefit in a broad sense.

At present, Air Manas completes the IOSA certification process and becomes the first domestic air carrier that is a member of IATA.

Briefly about the air company

Air Manas is one of the dynamically developing airlines of the Kyrgyz Republic. The business card of Air Manas was the low-cost business model proposed by the company, the “low-cost” of air transportation. This new strategy, widely practiced in a number of foreign countries, has been adapted to the market of the Central Asian region. Air Manas is based at the Manas International Airport,Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Air Manas’ air fleet includes Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Air Manas has its own certified aviation technical base at the airport for operational maintenance of aircraft. With the constant program of professional development, the experienced crew and technical personnel one ensures maximum safety on board the aircraft, striving to meet high standards and meet the needs of all passengers.

The main priority of Air Manas is its commitment to international quality and safety standards. In November 2014, the airline was the first among domestic air carriers which obtained ISO 9001: 2008 certificate for the Quality Management System, successfully passing the necessary stages of international certification. Nowadays, Air Manas completes the IOSA certification process and becomes the first domestic air carrier-member of IATA.

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