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17/07/2017 14:41
New jets threaten Airbus and Boeing duopoly
14/07/2017 17:21
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27/06/2017 17:41
Technology boosts passenger satisfaction at bag collection and borders

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11/07/2017 22:43
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07/07/2017 14:04
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05/07/2017 14:45
Tajikistan closes from Yamal Airlines – Dushanbe does not want to see Russian airline in Tajikistan

Airbus Helicopters rolls out 700th H130

17/05/2017 17:03

Airbus Helicopters celebrated a major milestone last week with the roll-out of the 700th H130 light single-engine helicopter, which will be operated by a private customer. The H130 fleet has so far accumulated more than 1.8M flight hours with 340 operators worldwide. Since entry into service of the first EC130 in 2001, this light single engine helicopter has continued to evolve to better respond to customer’s expectations, with the latest H130 variant being certified in 2012.

Since the beginning of this year, all H130s are produced with a glass cockpit for increased pilot awareness and enhanced safety. H130 (formerly EC130 T2) is one of the latest models in the popular line of light Ecureuil helicopters, which features improved comfort, improved performance and a wide range of applications. The exterior of the H130 remained unchanged, but inside the helicopter it changed almost completely: nearly 70% of the structure was modernized. Among the key changes in the first place is worth noting the use of a more powerful turbo-engine Arriel 2D and a modified main reducer. In addition, an active anti-vibration system has been introduced, the ventilation, air distribution and anti-fogging systems have been improved. The interior layout of the cabin is redesigned, the floor has become completely flat (previously there was an elevation under the rear seats). Pilots are provided with a new complex of on-board radio-electronic equipment, improved ergonomics of the instrument panel. It became easier to carry out scheduled maintenance, while its intervals increased markedly. The upgraded performance characteristics of the H130 model also include the increased maximum take-off weight (2,500 kg when the cargo is inside the aircraft and 3,050 kg when using an external suspension) and an increase in speed by 10 knots. Even with these increased indices, the level of external noise of the H130 model does not exceed the strict rules of air flights over the territory of the US National Park "Grand Canyon", which is especially important for tour operators.

The additional options of the H130 model include installation of a powerful new-generation air conditioner, the tinting of the panoramic windshield of the helicopter, two sliding passenger doors on both sides of the cabin and the energy-absorbing structure of the seats. A unique air conditioning system, with separate zones and climate control, effectively regulates the temperature and distributes the air on board. Its settings are intuitively understandable due to the similarity with conventional car systems. The new model H130 is designed for operation in all climatic and weather conditions, and thanks to a whole complex of changes in design, flight performance and performance characteristics, as well as increased comfort, it will become a natural choice in its class for any task. Great work has been done to reduce the complexity of maintenance. Its unique advantages include efficiency, reliability, excellent overview and spacious interior, as the cabin is designed for the placement of one pilot and seven passengers. This aspect, first of all, will be appreciated by private owners and commercial operators, law enforcement agencies and oil and gas companies.

Offering a spacious and comfortable cabin, low sound levels, the best visibility and the lowest operating cost per passenger in its class, the H130 is a reference for passenger transport and tourism operations around the world. It is also widely used for other missions including emergency medical services, private and business aviation and aerial work.

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