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Bek Air lost US $150 thousand because of idle time at Almaty International Airport

19/05/2017 18:11

Bek Air, the Kazakhstan’s regional air carrier, has calculated the preliminary losses because of its plane idling at the Almaty International Airport, the owner of this air company Nurlan Zhumasultanov informed

It’s about yesterday’s scandal, when law enforcement authorities did not allow the crew to make a technical flight. “The plane was empty, that is, it was supposed to be a technical flight, we had to drive the plane to Almaty in order to make technical diagnostics”, Mr. Zhumasultanov said. “All the permits were in our hands, including a permit from the Aircraft Incident Investigation Department under the Ministry of Investment and Communications, Kazakhstan. However, prosecutors came and said that the airplane should be sealed, and the crew should leave the plane, but there was no ruling, no crime, but somehow the police officers arrived for some reason. The plane has stayed for 15 hours, and one hour of the aircraft’s downtime costs US $ 10,000. “Just calculate it, we have lost 150 thousand US dollars”.

Mr. Zhumasultanov intends to sue law enforcement agencies and collect damages. In addition, he says, the employees tore off some detail, the cost of which he will specify from the manufacturer. He added that the crew included Dmitry Rodin, who heroically landed an aircraft without chassis last year. In this case, he noted that this is another plane, and that plane has already been written off.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office adheres to a different position. One noted that a commission had to be established to investigate the air incident, which gives permission for technical flight of the aircraft, but this was not done.

“Due to the fact that at that time the commission was not formed, the authorized structures did not arrive at the airport, the Astana city aviation prosecutor's office decided not to allow a technically faulty aircraft to fly until all circumstances in order to prevent a threat to life and health of people. In turn, the fact of emergency landing was registered by the Almaty International Airport and pre-trial investigation was initiated under the Article #344, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Violation of Safety and Aircraft Operation Rules”, the message reads.

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