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China Southern Airlines holds presentation in Dushanbe

17/05/2017 15:51

Chinese air carrier, China Southern Airlines, has held presentation in Dushanbe.

The event that took place at Hyatt Regency hotel this week was attended by Chinese Ambassador to Tajikistan Yue Bin, Vice-President of China Southern Airlines’ Branch in Xinjiang Chen Lin, Head of the Civil Aviation Department in the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan Rahmon Yusuf and other officials and representatives of state-owned and private companies.  

Rahmon Yusuf, in particular, noted that new air routes between Tajikistan and China would be launched in the near future.

“Thus, the DushanbeGuangzhou flight is expected to be launched soon,” Mr. Yusuf said.  

In his welcoming speech, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Republicof Tajikistan Mr. Yue Bin stressed the special friendly and partner status of the two countries, noting that “China has become the largest source of investment in Tajikistanand the second largest trading partner.” “In particular, our countries have achieved mutual success in the joint construction of the promising strategy “One belt – one way”, which has an important role in interaction throughout the territory of West Asia," the Chinese diplomat noted.

Mr. Ambassador also drew attention to the fact that the safe flights and good services provided for passengers by Chinese Southern Airlines attract more and more people, thus creating a kind of Celestial Silk Road and promoting communication and close contacts between the representatives of the two peoples. He also expressed his hope that China Southern Airlines will be able to make full use of regional advantages by cooperating with Tajikistanin the transport branch, culture and politics, and will also make an even greater contribution to bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Vice-president of the branch of Chinese Southern Airlines in Xinjiang, Mr. Chen Lin shared the opinion of Mr. Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Tajikistan Yue Bin and shared relevant information about China Southern Airlines with the meeting participants:

“For 38 years, we have been the largest airline in China with the best level of security, the most developed route network and passenger turnover. By 2016, the number of passengers was more than 115 million. The fleet of China Southern Airlines consists of 700 airliners, including Boeing-787, 777, 737, Airbus 380, 330, 320 and other types of passenger and cargo aircraft. The airline's fleet ranks 1st in Asia and 4th in the world,” Mr. Chen Lin said.

Head of the Civil Aviation Department of the Republicof Tajikistan Mr. Rahmon Yusuf informed that in the near future the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Tajikistan plans to open new directions for flights to the PRC in addition to those currently available. We are talking about the beginning of an air service en route DushanbeGuangzhouDushanbe . In addition, the opening of the new Topaz – Shacha air route, which runs across Tajikistanto China, is planned.

Manizha Nematova, Commercial Director, China Southern Airlines, Dushanbe, noted that China Southern Airlines is the only Chinese airline that operates flights to two destinations in Tajikistan. Currently, the airline makes three weekly flights between China and Tajikistan. Since 2008, more than 1,600 flights have been carried out and more than 220,000 passengers have been transported en route UrumqiDushanbe. Since 2011, when the Urumqi – Khujand flight was launched, more than 870 flights were carried out and 75,000 passengers were transported. The same is true for cargo transportation between Tajikistan and China.

“Through our airline, Tajikistanexports mainly cherries to China, while China, in its turn, exports construction materials, electronics, clothes, footwear, accessories and much more to Tajikistan. From 2014 to 2017 cargo transportation has amounted to over 350 metric tons”, Mrs. Nematova explained.

At the end of the official welcoming part, representatives of China Southern Airlines LLC in Dushanbe warmly thanked their corporate clients, thanks to the support of which they are developing and for which they work. As a token of gratitude, some of them, namely the branch of TGP, the Confucius Institute at TNU, Huasin Gaiur Cement Company, were awarded with memorable certificates for 2016.

Particular attention and gratitude were also received by the partners of China Southern Airlines LLC in Dushanbe. Special awards for cooperation in 2016 were marked by the agency "Sayri Osiyo" in the person of Syed Sanginov, the agency "Antares" in the person of Dilshod Mukhammadiev and the agency Perfect Travel in the person of Hokimjon Pirmatzoda.

The culmination of the event was the drawing of memorable gifts and super prizes – a free air ticket for DushanbeUrumqiDushanbe and DushanbeBeijingDushanbe roundtrip flights. Istad Khodjaeva is an owner of the super prize, as she will fly to Beijing for the first time thanks to China Southern Airlines.

On this pleasant note, the invited guests went to an organized buffet table, where they continued pleasant conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.

China Southern Airlines Company Limited is an airline headquartered in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, GuangdongProvince, China.  It is the world’s fourth-largest airline measured by passengers carried and Asia's largest airline in fleet size, revenue and passengers carried.  It is the fourth-largest airline in the world in domestic passenger traffic and the sixth-largest in scheduled domestic passenger-kilometers flown.  From its main hubs at Beijing Capital International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the airline flies to 193 destinations using a fleet of more than 500 aircraft.

China Southern Airlines was established on July 1, 1988 following the restructuring of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.  Since then, it acquired and merged with a number of domestic airlines, becoming one of China's “Big Three” airlines (alongside Air China and China Eastern Airlines).  China Southern Airlines is a member of SkyTeam.

The parent company of China Southern Airlines Company Limited is China Southern Air Holding Company, a state-owned enterprise that was supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

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