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19/03/2014 19:15
Rising fuel costs largely offset by increased demand – IATA
07/03/2014 16:20
Reduction in jet fuel prices in Tajikistan not scheduled soon yet
27/02/2014 16:14
Deliveries of new aircraft – a boon for the industry, a nightmare for carriers

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14/04/2014 17:48
SCAT Airlines argues Airline keeps safety level at high level
08/04/2014 16:02
Search for MH370 to be most expensive in aviation history
14/03/2014 18:42
Why the Aktau airport was on the verge of bankruptcy?

New flight, Bishkek – Caravan – Dzhalal-Abad to be launched in Kyrgyzstan on March 1, 2013 – Sky Bishkek

20/02/2013 16:05

The Sky Bishkek Airline, Kyrgyzstan, has decided to reduce air tickets’ prices on domestic air routes by 300-500 soms since March 1, 2013, Zhumabek Abdyldaev, Director General, Sky Bishkek, stated, as a result of his business trip to airports located in southern Kyrgyzstan. This group of visitors was headed by Maksatbek Dyykanov, State Secretary, Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport.

The Airline’s Press Service reports that, from now on, air tickets for such air routes, as Bishkek – Osh, Bishkek – Dzhalal-Abad, Bishkek – Isfana and Bishkek – Batken become more accessible to the public. In addition, the Airline offers an additional domestic flight from the capital to Dzhalal-Abad with a stopover in a Aksy district of Dzhalal-Abad Region, the Caravan village, that is, the flight and will be called Bishkek – Caravan – Dzhalal-Abad.

Also, as regards the students of public higher educational institutions, Sky Bishkek will also provide with a discount at the rate of 300 soms to students during official holidays if a student presents his/her student ticket.

In addition, recommendations were given to air companies’ leaderships to consider an issue of accepting a student’s airfare during holidays, as well as the children’s airfares on age graduation toward cost reduction.

Also, a decision was made that, in accordance with the demand and incoming offers from individuals on increasing a flight frequency for any domestic flight, one will create a flexible schedule on such flight frequencies’ changes.

The State Secretary of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Transport expressed his gratitude to the heads of airlines, refueling companies for mutual understanding to reduce the cost of airfares and fuel on domestic air routes.

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