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Police detains Bek Air aircraft in Astana International Airport

18/05/2017 15:05


The plane belonged to Bek Air, Kazakhstan’s regional air carrier, has been detained by law enforcement officers and the transport prosecutor’s office at the Astana International Airport, Nurlan Zhumasultanov, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Bek Air,  informed According to him, the aircraft was detained because of the investigation of the criminal case under the article “Violation of Traffic Safety Rules or Operation of Railway, Air, Sea or River Transport”.

He explained that on the eve the same plane took off from Astana at 11:30 pm local time to fly to Aktobe (domestic flight), but it returned to the departure airport in forty minutes because of some malfunctions.

“The indication activated that the chassis was not removed. The crew decided to release the chassis and return to the airport”, the head of the air company said. He said that those passengers were sent by another plane. After that one has scheduled to send this plane to Almaty for maintenance. “There is nothing in the Astana International Airport- no equipment, no lifts”, Mr. Zhumasultanov explains.

According to Mr. Zhumasultanov, the plane was to fly by a technical flight from Astana to Almaty. On board the plane, there were only crew members without any passengers. A report says that Bek Air has scheduled to carry out maintenance of its Fokker-100 aircraft in Almaty and received permission from the Accident Investigation Department of the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan. Dmitry Rodin was the captain of the crew. Mr. Rodin is known for being able to land a plane without a single chassis last year, for which he was awarded with the “Human Hero” title.

But law enforcement officers did not give permission for departure. The plane was sealed. “The police with the prosecutors came, they tried to throw me out of the plane, I myself planned to fly out on this plane to overtake it”, he said. According to him, Mr. Rodin had to drive an empty plane to Almaty, but his plane was changed and he flew away to another destination.

As a result, Almaty – Atyrau flight delayed because the air company has only one plane for this air route. “If I flew out at 02:00 am local time, my schedule would not break down”, Mr. Zhumasultanov said.

Recall, it became known earlier that 108 people could not fly from Almaty to Atyrau by Bek Air airplane for several hours. As one of the passengers said, the flight was due to fly out at 05:35 am, but half an hour before the end of check-in they were told that the flight had been delayed. “At first, they told us that the flight was moved to 10:00 am, and now they say that there will not be an airplane. There are 108 people with small children and elderly people”, said one of the passengers named Gulsum. “We were offered to return air tickets with 100 percent compensation, but some people need to fly away today”, another passenger named Armand Ramazanov confirmed.

The airline representatives are trying to settle the situation at the Almaty International Airport.

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