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Uzbekistan Airways served 1.235 million passengers in first year-half of 2015

28/07/2015 15:37

The Uzbekistan’s National Airline, Uzbekistan Airways, transported 1.235 million passengers in January-June 2015, or by 0.7% less, as compared to the same period in 2014.

In the first half of 2015, Uzbekistan Airways has operated 11,575 flights, or by 141 flights more than during the same period of 2014. Of these, 2,816 flights were operated beyond the CIS, 4,199 flights to the CIS, and 4,560 flights on domestic air routes.

1.235 mln. people benefited this Air Company’s services, which is by 8,900 less, as compared to the same period last year. The decline is 0.7 percent.

In this reporting period, 376,000 passengers were carried beyond the CIS (by 9,600 less, as compared to the same period of 2014), 558,000 passengers were carried to the CIS (by 30,700 people less). The reason for decrease in these destinations is concluded in the reduction of air services and cancellation of air flights with low preloads.

As regards domestic flights, 301,000 people were carried in January – June 2015, which is by 31,300 more than in January-June 2014. The growth amounted 11.6%.

During the reporting period, the Air Company transported 18,300 metric tons of cargo including the baggage and mail, which is by 8.6% less than during the same period in 2014. The freight capacities through the Navoi Airport amounted to 13,172.2 metric tons.

According to preliminary results, Uzbekistan Airways’ revenues will amount to 1,255.3 billion Uzbek sums, expenses – UZS 1,226.2 billion. The expected financial result will be a profit amounting UZS 29.1 billion. including financial assistance, which is by UZS 19.3 billion less than in the same period of 2014.

The forecast on exports of services has been performed at 100 percent (US $ 295.6 million), mandatory sale of foreign currency earnings amounted 112 per cent (US $ 58.23 mln.) from the set forecast.

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